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    Hi anyone playing MW3 on xbox? My gamertag DebatingChunk65 please get in touch
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    Hi anyone playing black ops on xbox?
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    Upper tweed

    Just to let you know the upper tweed has now got fish in it. Wendy and i saw them saying hello on friday early evening!
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    Bruce and walker

    Hi i have a Bruce and Walker Cordon Bleu 13' 8-10 fibre glass in very good condition with original bag and a New Era 10' 8# fibre glass good condition,just wondering if there is any interest, open to offers. Cheers Peter
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    Upper Tweed fish

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    Hi just bought a lamson litespeed 4 from uk ebay for £180 posted,looks fantastic any reviews?
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    Best floating line for......

    Hi any thoughts on floaters for a Bloke XL 50 15' 4 piece.#10
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    upper tweed

    Hi was out today opposite ashiesteil ,did not touch a single fish but could not believe how many fish of all sizes and colours wer frantically running through,it made me smile!!