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    Is it worth booking February fishing?

    Thanks Hoddom, love your positivity - I might well take your advice 👍
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    Is it worth booking February fishing?

    So basically if I hold out until a week or so before I go in feb, i’ll still have a chance of a decent beat?
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    Is it worth booking February fishing?

    Hi, What’s the general consensus for pre booking early spring fishing (probably for the Dee in Feb in my case)? Is it worth booking or hedge your bets and wait until last minute? thanks Jonny
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    Tying thread

    Interesting responses, consensus suggests satisfaction with uni. So either I’ve had a bad batch or could be my tying skills! Have ordered some semperfli 12/0, see how this compares.
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    Tying thread

    What threads do you use for the majority of your salmon flies / tubes. I usually use uni 8/0 but I’ve had 2 dodgy spools recently which were really weak, and snapped under slightest pressure. wouldn’t mind trying something else but there’s so many out there. thanks Jonny
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    capes and saddles for sale - bargains

    Not tying anywhere near enough, so having a clear out. Price in brackets is what I paid new, with the selling price shown next to this. These are all either new or hardly used. Price includes postage to UK address. Grab yourself a bargain! PLEASE DM ME IF INTERESTED Chevron Hackles Grizzle...
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    Tweed fishing

    I'm absolutely gutted, a work commitment that I can't avoid means that I can't make the Friday and Saturday I'd booked on Glenormiston, River Tweed during 1st week in November :mad::mad::mad: It's back up for re-let on fish pal, on a beat that is otherwise sold out that week if anyone fancies it.
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    Mackenzie line weight confusion

    On the Mackenzie website it says that the shooting head 14' rod is for 36-40g or 9 weight line. On the same website it says that the 9 weight shooting head line is 42g - yet under 'further information' on the line it says it weighs 38g! Is it me, or is anyone else confused?
  9. J

    Loop on versitip

    Are Rio versitips too thin to securely attach a braided loop or is a welded loop the only real option? I only have the 1st generation versitips which don't come pre-looped like the current ones Rio sell. Thanks, Jonny
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    Does anyone know if Pat Nolan is still operating? I bought a cape off him a while back, but dropped him a couple of emails over last month with no reply. As an alternative can anyone recommend any specific cape from lakeland for shrimps mainly - there's a few salmon ones there, not sure which...
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    Tracking salmon

    Why is there not any more radio or ultrasonic tagging of salmon or sea trout done? I have no doubt it is extremely expensive and not without serious technical constraints, but I'm also sure there is a huge amount of money available to do such research if there was a collective will to do so...
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    What are your favourite 2 months on the Dee?

    Planning on a couple of trips to the Dee next year, will do the Spring trip in March, which I have done before. Thinking of one other - not sure which month to go for? Any recommendations?
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    Rod for spring fishing in Dee

    Rod for spring fishing on Dee Hi, Would you go for a 14' or 15' rod for spring fishing on the Dee? I need to buy a new rod for my annual trip next March or April. Any specific rod or line recommendations? Many thanks
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    Birthday fishing holiday suggestions

    Well I'm 40 next year and plan to have a weeks fishing somewhere - probably Scotland or Ireland. I fancy mainly salmon and maybe a bit of trout, possibly loch / lough for salmon or sea trout (which I've never done). Probably hotel based, and the wilder the surroundings the better. Budget around...