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    Fly Reel Swap

    Swap Vosseler S3 mint condition for smaller, lighter weight reel e.g. Lamson Guru 4 or similar (full cage design)
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    Guideline Stoked 7/8 12'

    You can order Loop tackle from here: The Fly Fishing Centre - Tackle Testing and Fly Fishing tuition. (
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    Guideline Elevation 12’

    Good advice from Mick_G. I have the single handed 9'9" #6 Elevation and it's a nice, very light rod for the money, with a medium fast action. With the money you have available, I personally would be looking at a Loop Cross 12' #7 from the Fly Fishing Centre Kelso (still in stock in the outlet...
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    Vision Ace Shooting Head SOLD

    This one's for the long rod. Vision Ace shooting head 45 grams and almost 47' long (14.3 meters). I bought this off flea bay, advertised as new and it has only been test cast by me once. Unfortunately It's too heavy for my heaviest rated rod, so it's been re-spooled and awaiting a new home...
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    Lamson Waterworks Force 4 Spey / Saltwater Fly Reel for sale. AS NEW NEVER USED Neoprene pouch & box Diameter 4.57" Width 1.50" Weight 10.68 ounces (303 grams on my scales) Looking for £325 posted & insured to UK (ONO)
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    Nomads of the Tides SOLD

    Almost mint copy of 'Nomads of the Tides' for sale. £50 or open to (sensible) offers + contribution towards (UK only) postage.
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    Sinking shooting head for early spring fishing

    Have a look at the Hardy multi tip Rocket lines in Glasgow Angling currently on sale for £27 each. There are endless sinking options within that range and like rotenone said, much quicker to change a tip in the river, rather than a full head. I have a few of these lines and they are very nice...
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    Trout rod advice

    For the money I'm really impressed with the Guideline Elevation 9'9" 6 weight I bought last year from JN. Great for floating and intermediate lines and at £235 it doesn't break the bank. It's a through (ish) action rod and IMO a very nice casting and fishing rod and you wouldn't believe how...
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    Your most successful fly of the season

    Thank you and here you go: Tag - silver wire or holographic silver tinsel Tail - black bucktail with a few strands of pearl crystal flash Body - holographic silver tinsel Rib - silver wire Wing - natural squirrel tail top and bottom Wing 2 - natural GP tippets (going to tie a few with dyed hot...
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    Your most successful fly of the season

    Thank you. One of the 2 was a 17 pounder and I lost another double figure to the Ally's as well. I've had such confidence in this colour Ally's this season. Shame it's been mostly a drought year and I've only been out a handful of times. Roll on next season.
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    Your most successful fly of the season

    Had 4 this season, 2 on a black and yellow snaelda (high water) and 2 on a size 10 black and silver Ally's Shrimp.
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    Quality Bucktail

    I don't think you'll be disappointed with the Sean Stanton bucktails. They do cost a bit more but are really very good quality and sent in individual / appropriate sized packaging (no pencils or curly pubes from there :ROFLMAO:)
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    Big Sea Trout

    The Towy produced some monster sea trout back in the day. I personally know 2 angling friends who have had sea trout into double figures; one with a 13 pounder and the other with an 18 pounder. My personal best is a mere 6 pounds, but what a scrap.
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    Quality Bucktail

    Just some feedback to let you know that I ordered 3 bucktails from Sean Stanton (Franc n Snaelda) and received them next day for £3.50 postage, which I think is reasonable and excellent service. As for the tails, well I'm absolutely delighted with the quality and now looking forward to tying...
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    Evotec cast

    That’s brilliant and thank you so much for that feedback. I’ll get one ordered straight away(y)
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    Evotec cast

    No worries at all. I appreciate the feedback you've already given me and I never had a cast of the S1's until they arrived from Sweden anyway. I'll probably go for the 14' #9 Evotec before the end of the year and hope they don't sell out in the meantime.
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    Evotec cast

    Thank you for your reply, that's very helpful. I live in South Wales.
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    Evotec cast

    Would you be able to say how the Evotec cast MF compares to the Cross S1 MF please? I have the S1 in 12' and 13' and thinking about the Cast in 14', unless I can get a used S1. Thank you.
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    Rhayader and Builth Anywhere to Try

    The 'Fly Run' a mile or so below the bridge at Builth can be very good for salmon given water. A good level would be anything 1 foot and above showing on the gauge at Llanstephan. The fish lie very close to the left bank looking downstream, so don't wade too far into the river. Some rain...
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    Guideline LXi T-pac switch rod (SOLD)

    Guideline LXi 5 piece switch rod for sale. Bought as a back up and only used a couple of times, so almost brand new. Will 'throw in' a used Barrio switch line 380 grains / 24.5 grams that matches the rod nicely (for me anyway). The Barrio line has been cut back approximately 18 inches to...