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    River Severn 2021

    Hi John, I am Glyn Marshall the coordinator for the Severn Fisheries Group and chairman of Worcester Angling Society. You probably have heard about the amount of work the SFG have done over the last 8 months trying to respond to the misinformation that the EA have used during the consultation...
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    Green teardrop bead/ floating flying c

    I am trying to get hold of a selection of green beads in various sizes and are struggling to find any. Also has anyone got a simple design of the parts you need to make a floating flying C. Any help will be much appreciated. Glyn
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    Devon minnows

    I have received some wooden blanks to make Devon minnows. Can anyone help with advising me the best way to cut the angles to fit the spinning vanes? Is there any sort of jig that anglers use. Any help will be much appreciated. Glyn