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    Airflo rage compact 10/11 660 grain floating

    Anyone got the above Airflo rage compact 10/11 660 grain.floating -new or little used for sale?
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    -AFS outbound spey 10/11 640gr/42g floating

    WANTED.--AFS outbound spey 10/11 640gr/42g floating WANTED-AFS outbound spey 10/11 640gr/42g floating Still looking for an AFS outbound spey 10/11 640gr/42g floating line-
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    WANTED-AFS outbound spey 10/11 640gr/42g floating

    Looking for an AFS outbound spey 10/11 640gr/42g floating line-[yellow running, blue marker, greenish front]---
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    Vac-Rac Combi For Sale

    New in original box - set of Vac-Rac Combi [Magnetic and Vacuum technology] for sale. £35 posted UK or Ireland. Paypal only. I've had these for a year or so as reserve for my vacuum set but when I tried to use them the other day I discovered the bonnet of my Vauxhall Insignia must be non metal...
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    Shakey candi 12ft 9in

    Shakey Scandi 12ft 9in Any body selling a 2nd hand Shakey Scandi 12ft 9in?
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    Expert Salmon Anglers try for trout in Lough Melvin!!!!!!!

    A team of six experienced Salmon Anglers from the Sion Mills/Strabane area set out to-day for a trout fishing competition on Lough Melvin. Having probably collectively caught salmon over many years numbering in the thousands this trout fishing was going to be child's play. They left the most...
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    Problem with cascade hackles

    I made this observation in another thread about the Cascade but i thought it merited seperate discussion. Any ideas would be appreciated:= Problem with cascade hackles!!! I tie and fish the cascade mostly on the Drowse in Spring. The problem is that no matter which of several orange and...
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    Fly sizes [modern compared to old and older}?

    KGM's recent post on the Shitty Whitty long tailed fly reminded me of the dilemma I have regarding present day fly sizes. I regularly fish Irish Shrimp type flies but occasionally I try a long tailed fly such as the Cascade or Ally Shrimp but I puzzle over sizes. A size 10 cascade could be 1...
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    Long Tailed Wilk Shrimp

    In the 1970's a friend asked me to tie a replacement for his large 4/0 Silver Wilkinson which was still catching fish but was reduced by years of fishing to no more than clumps of stubble on the very large single hook. I had no chance of tying such a large fully dressed fly so I tied him a few...
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    Still testing uploading

    Uploading my Favourite fly...EUREKA!!!!!
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    resting uploading photo

    Testing uploading photo testing uploading [URL=]http:// Sorry ..Didn't work........As Bill in the Drowse shop at Lareen would say "You must be doing something wrong "
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    Old Railway Bridges

    Kingfisher mentioned in his post at Cardrona on the Tweed that an old disused railway Bridge was used by anglers to cross the river. I assume that the Fishery owners purchased or otherwise acquired this bridge from the former Railway company. Do the Fishery owners have
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    Hardy 15ft Ultralite rod advice please

    Has anyone any experience of using the 15ft Hardy Ultralite with shooting heads-particularly with the Rio AFS range of heads-? Is this rod too old a design for shooting heads? Any experienced advice would be welcome..Thanks
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    WANTED Airflo Airlite 15ft or Airflo HLS 15ft

    Wanted Airflo Airlite 15ft or Airflo HLS 15ft ....Still hoping someone will have one of these rods looking for a good home..Thanks for looking..R
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    Airflo HLS 15ft or Airflo Airlite 15 ft fly rod

    Airflo HLS 15ft or Airlite 15ft delivery to N.Ireland.
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    Fly fishing in bright sunlight in UK and Irish rivers

    I would be interested to hear member's views and or tactics regarding fly fishing for Salmon in bright sunlight..I've seen salmon caught on spinner in bright sunlight shining virtually overhead and downstream, but i personally would not fish fly in such conditions. Am i wrong? Any advice?
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    Casting downstream into adjoining owner's water?

    It is perfectly legal to be standing on one's own side of the centre of a river and casting across the centre line into the opposite owner's side... but can anyone clarify the limits when coming to the downstream boundary of an adjoining owners fishing. Should an angler stop fishing a cast's...