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    Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by a lift of the Tweed! Now are these fish sleepy old residents that have just woken up or are they fresh from the tide? I see that there were 5 caught at Lower Merton yesterday. WOW !!!
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    Simple large arbor salmon reel

    Does anyone know if there is a large arbor salmon reel made with a simple click check drag system, similar to that fitted to the Hardy Marquis reels. I have two modern large arbor fly reels, both with a complex disc drag system which I have never used, despite landing salmon up to 25lbs with...
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    Shooting Head Casting Problem

    This is my first post as a newbie, so please forgive any mistakes, but I would be very grateful for any help and advice that the good casters on this forum can give me. I've just started using a shooting head, Rio AFS 9/10 floating/ intermediate with airflo ridge shooting line on my 14'...