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  1. miramichi

    Miramichi River Report

    It's been a long time since I posted on here, though I did quite a lot of it up a couple of years ago. I haven't wet a line salmon fishing for a year and a half with Scotland and Canada closed to me by Covid. Hopefully we are turning the corner on that. Canada is opening the border in August...
  2. miramichi

    River Naver

    Due to the virus I missed my trip to the Naver for the first two weeks of March, but my Scottish mates filled the spots. Here is the link to my blog post on the fishing.
  3. miramichi

    Miramichi Salmon Association Benefit

    The 2nd Annual Online Auction to benefit the Miramichi Salmon Association’s conservation initiatives is now open for bidding. Here is a link to the auction on the website of Brad Burns Fly Fishing. On the auction page you will also find a link to three great raffle items “Orvis Mirage Reel...
  4. miramichi

    Ted Williams White Birch Lodge on the Miramichi

    I maintain a website and write a blog about Atlantic salmon fishing on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. One of the river's most famous fishermen was the late Ted Williams, aka The Splendid Splinter. Some baseball fans will remember that he hit over .400 in three years of a career...
  5. miramichi

    2019 Fall fishing on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers New Brunswick, Canada

    I recently posted a new blog entry that recaps the fall fishing season on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers in New Brunswick, Canada. Here is the link. Frankly it was a long way from a great season for us. We are still suffering from an oversized population of striped bass that are eating a lot...
  6. miramichi

    Miramichi Salmon Conservation Auction

    Brad Burns Fly Fishing is holding an auction beginning at 12:00 noon this Friday April 5th to raise some funds for the current year’s field programs by the Miramichi Salmon Association. • First is an illustrated map of the Cains River watershed by NYC artist John Rice. • The second item is...
  7. miramichi

    Back from the Naver

    My two weeks on the Naver this year had their ups and downs as far as the fishing is concerned. I had four springers for my time on the river, and I had the feeling that the fish wanted to come, but it was dreadfully cold the first week with water just above freezing, and the second week the...
  8. miramichi

    Having a dram in Altnaharra

    Having a dram before dinner at the Hotel Altnaharra and wrapping up two weeks on the Naver. I’ll give a fuller report with photos when I get back to the U.S.A. It has been raining all this past week and the river is essentially unfishably high. Too bad cuz things were starting to happen...
  9. miramichi

    Still winter in Maine

    Headed to Scotland on Saturday to fish the Naver for a couple of weeks. It will be great to get up there again. Meanwhile, it is still very much winter here in Maine. The estuary in back of my home is frozen solid, and this is very late in the year for that. We had 11 deer joining the...
  10. miramichi

    1st Off the Naver

    Got an e-mail from one of the ghillies I fish with on the Naver, and the first springer came off there today. The pool was Potato Park which is the second pool down on beat 6, the lowest beat, and along with beat 5 the best early beat. The fish had no lice, but was said to be a very fine 16...
  11. miramichi

    Willie Gunn Plus

    I'm already going over gear for my March trip to the Naver. I've got loads of good flies for the early fishing there - many tied by Pat Nicol - including various black and yellow patterns, and some monkey flies that have been good fish producers for me. But when I look back through my catches...
  12. miramichi

    New guy in town

    This buck showed up last night, I'm sure to the dismay of the two smaller ones in my earlier game camera post. Not a record rack, but exceptionally large by whitetail standards.
  13. miramichi

    Game Camera

    In recent years I pass I have helped pass the winter - which unfortunately is much longer and colder than those of the UK - here in Maine with a variety of little projects, and one of them is the use of my game camera. I have a couple of deer feeders around my yard, and we get some interesting...
  14. miramichi

    Foyle River Smelts

    I saw this link today about Foyle River, Ireland smelts. I found it interesting that they would just show up in 1973 - if they were introduced by the government it doesn't say so - but their population has increased to what the article says is important levels. Essentially all of the New...
  15. miramichi

    Miramichi and Cains River season end

    Our season on the Miramichi and Cains Rivers in New Brunswick, Canada ended on 10/15. I've put a report on the last 5 weeks of fishing and a number of pictures on my blog at this Brad Burns Fly Fishing link. I retired last summer, and so was able to go up to my camp and just stay there for the...
  16. miramichi

    New blog post

    I just got back from a trip to the Serpentine River in Newfoundland and then to the Cains River in New Brunswick. We hit things very well considering that it has been a tough summer. You an read more about it plus see more photos and videos at my free blog August 25th 2018 Miramichi Salmon...
  17. miramichi

    Thurso kelt

    Was looking at the Thurso site and saw a picture of a sand bar below Loch More that the photographer said had a kelt swimming around on top of it. It reminded me of catching a kelt in late July in a place called Rattling Brook near the mouth of the Big River in Labrador. The kelt was in a...
  18. miramichi

    June fishing Miramichi, Canada

    Our June is off to a better than average start on the Miramichi. The second half of June on the Miramichi would equate to April on the Spey as far as where it stands in the season, but the few fish we do catch usually have some very high quality ones. Here are a couple of photos. The photos...
  19. miramichi

    Sparling Fishing

    Just made my annual trip up to see a friend of mine who farms some land up on Merrymeeting Bay in Maine. It is a quite unique body of tidal fresh water, and historically was a real paradise for anadromous fish like shad, river herring and striped bass. One of the great resources is a small...
  20. miramichi

    A Real Blizzard

    I thought some of my friends from the UK and Europe, especially those who have fished the Miramichi and Cains Rivers, might get a kick out of seeing our current radar.:eek: We have had about 10 consecutive days now when the low temperatures have reached below 0F or -18C. And I'm on the coast...