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    Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by a lift of the Tweed! Now are these fish sleepy old residents that have just woken up or are they fresh from the tide? I see that there were 5 caught at Lower Merton yesterday. WOW !!!
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    This can only be a good thing

    Sprats when dyed golden used to be a great trolling bait, Hardys and most of the major tackle makers used to sell special rigs that you could mount them on to give a slow wobble or spin, that was very attractive to salmon. I'm not sure but if my memory is correct, Georgina Ballentyne used one to...
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    Yards of line how many

    With braid, 2-3mm below lip of spool should be fine, and should stop the braid jumping off the spool like Rotenone said.
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    The best rod range ever made.....

    Loop Cross S1 13', a super rod, but with a 9 line, and going back many years a Shimano 15' twin power, even better than the Daiwa CF98 in it's day.
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    Chemotherapy and fishing advice

    All the best for the future Craig. When times are tough, which they may be, try and imagine that you are on the river, the fly line has just gone out in a perfect cast and as it starts to swing, there is a strong pull and you are into him. Keep looking forward to that Craig, and God Bless.
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    Go to coloured water fly

    Black wing, then yellow and orange, thats the Cascade, one of the best!
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    Robson Green Iceland fishing programme

    Agree entirely with you, what is sporting, playing a 20 lb salmon on a single handed rod, and having to play out the fish to virtual exhaustion before landing it. Surely in these days we need to get the fish to the net as soon as possible and then released. I bet they didn't show how long it...
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    Annan Hoddom the Dukes never seen it so low

    Caught my first salmon ever on fly from the bridge pool at Hoddom in 1969, and If my memory is correct I think that Peter Helm was the keeper ghillie, and you just used to leave your name on the chalk board outside the bridge lodge and state wether you were going up or downstream. I'm sure...
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    Polyleader Or versileader

    I have used Airflow Polyleaders for very many years and never had a failure and just tie a neat loop in the nylon end. Some of mine go back at least 20 years! However, my favourite leader, is and always was the Bob Church woven nylon and fine copper wire slow to medium sinkers. Sadly I now only...
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    Simple large arbor salmon reel

    Does anyone know if there is a large arbor salmon reel made with a simple click check drag system, similar to that fitted to the Hardy Marquis reels. I have two modern large arbor fly reels, both with a complex disc drag system which I have never used, despite landing salmon up to 25lbs with...
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    Shooting Head Casting Problem

    This is my first post as a newbie, so please forgive any mistakes, but I would be very grateful for any help and advice that the good casters on this forum can give me. I've just started using a shooting head, Rio AFS 9/10 floating/ intermediate with airflo ridge shooting line on my 14'...