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    Trout and Salmon Magazine Jan. 2000

    Any one with a good example - should be a brass faces Hardy perfect on cover, pay well over the odds for this! Let me know.
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    James Reid salmon cane rod sliced 12 1/2' 2 tips 12703 7/8wt, sliced.

    James Reid salmon cane rod sliced 12 1/2' 2 tips 12703 7/8wt, spliced. A rare opportunity to buy one of these fabled rods - you would normally wait at least 6 months. It is what he calls a 'summer run'. There are walnut spacers and the agate is a beautiful green. It is a three piece with a...
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    Chevron hackles and capes

    Saw an advert for this a couple of weeks ago. If you want to see the whole range and get advice, the Chevron lady is in Foxons this Friday all day, just a thought in case anyone is interested in high quality hackles for salmon tying. I am going to have a look!
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    Meiser Spey Rod 13'6 - 4 pc

    I must be mad selling this - 8 wt 500-750 grains SZH 13685-4 Custom handle - stunning - almost like new! The ultimate Spey rod on the West Coast, made to order, their own blanks, Bob Meiser would always see you right if you broke the tip! Burchi's are the mass produced version, this is the...
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    Sage TCX 14' #9 wt 9140-4

    Used, a few very minor scuff marks - in very good condition. £310 to include postage, insured next day. PayPal as gift. A bargain! UK origin not brought in from Canada or America. Sold!
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    Saracione 4" left hand wind. Mark 1V. Silver/Black Save over £200!

    Isn't this the reel you have dreamed of, at least it is the poor man's Bogdan! A rare opportunity to buy this model at a considerably reduced price compared to what you would have to pay in this country. Unlined, unused, box, all paper work, warrantee. Price in this country well over £800, eBay...
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    Abel No. 2 Pliers

    Used but in excellent condition, a few minor scratches. In a leather holster. Cost £130 new, £40 + postage. Lifetime guarantee no matter whether first, second or tenth owner! Paypal as gift.
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    A website for those who like the vintage and exceedingly rare fly reels!

    Amazing website Vintage Fly Reel | Homepage A lot of old very rare salmon reels here and you would have to be very wealthy to own some of these!!
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    Rio Tips - odds and ends

    Found some more!! Yellow 9 wt, 10wt, 11 wt. Green 8 wt, 10 wt. Grey 11wt, 8 wt, 10 wt. Clear 10 wt, 9 wt, 11 wt. Big Boy 24' teal 400 Some wallets but written on. £2.50 each wallets £4 - inclusive of postage There are 4 Rio wallets, one with a small tear (£3) and one green Orvis wallet...
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    Rio Skagit 550gr and cheater

    Out of the Skagits I have recently sold, this is what is left - it surprises me as it is a perfect match for a 14/15 spey rod - £25 inclusive of postage. I forgot to mention that it has an integrated line. Unless I hear to the contrary, this line is still for sale.
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    Rio Tip Wallets with 15' Rio leaders - continuing my clear out.

    I have 3 wallets which are as new, unmarked. I have put into each of these 9 weight tips, 10 weight tips, and 11 weight tips, In each there are 4 tips clear, grey, yellow and green colour coded tips - look at Rio's websites for sinking rates. £25 each. If you want more tips, just ask - I may...
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    Airflo Skagit Compact 480gr and 630gr

    Airflo Skagit compact heads 9/10 630gr £16 inclusive of postage 7/8 480gr as above £16 Beloved of the American/Canadian fluff chuckers!
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    Rio Outbound AFS floating 7/8

    Rio Outbound AFS floating 7/8 and 10/11 As above, used, very good condition, I have only practised with it! £32 inclusive of postage. Also a 10/11 weight same line floating AFS outbound, same price £32. These are salmon lines not the trout outbound lines!
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    Rio Scandinavian Shooting Head 9/10F/I 660gr 42.7gm

    Used but in very good condition, only practised with, £25 including postage.
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    Skagit Spey 650gr with integrated running line.

    Oh dear, more - as the previous £25, cheaters available £5 or as a deal if you buy several of the cheaters, postage included. Used, but only practised with.
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    Rio Skagit 550gr.

    Rio Skagit 550gr. With integrated running line. Rio Skagit 550gr integrated running line, used but very good. £25. Will include cheaters at £5 each, I have a selection of differing lengths - all inclusive of postage - continuing my 'clean out'! I have two of these ( don't ask!).
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    AFS Tracker Head only 9/10

    AFS Tracker Head only 9/10 sold but now another 10/11 available Used but like new head only without tips, £35 including postage. All sold!
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    Sage TCX 15'

    Excellent condition, factory rod not a custom one, nor is it from the USA! Do I need to put pictures?? £475 and you pay the postage, insured, PayPal as gift , cheque, bank transfer - I have not used it, one other owner who used it four times. I doubt whether I would use it so hence it's sale...
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    Hardy Mach Spey 55 and 65

    Used but not abused, plenty of life left in these two lines - £12 each to include postage or £20 for the two including postage - reckon they are a 9 wt. The 55 looks hardly used. Both floaters. 55 sold pending the usual 65 still available
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    Salmon reel/s

    4.25" large arbour, good drag, never been used, 9/11 AFTM lines, ideal Atlantic salmon fishing reel, left handed only not convertable. Can be used for salt water, drag sealed. £60 including insured delivery, 4 available - if you buy all four, pay for three - £180...