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    Guideline lpxe 17’ + free line “SOLD”

    Give you 200 for rod Hingin
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    Wanted 17/18 footer

    Hi Gents Wanted 17ft or 18ft rod what has anyone got for sale. Hingin
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    When can i book a days fishing

    I have recently had a heart attack (2 weeks ago now) i have had 2 stents put in , i can walk a mile and back again pretty easily,when i do exercises in house i feel a little tiered maybe overdoing it a bit, any of you guy,s suffered similar problem if so how long before i can look forward to...
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    Help needed

    Hi Guy,s Could someone help me out here i ,am awaiting payment for a rod and the buyer wants to pay by money transfer to my bank account,what details do i hand over i.e sort code,name of account holder and i think my account no but what no is this the one on my card or the one on a bank...
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    I heard a wee whisper that HARDYS are going to start making their gear in house has anyone heard anymore?. hingin
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    7/8/9 windcutter multi tip WANTED

    Hi Guys Still on the lookout for a 7/8/9 windcutter multi tip if anyone can help, it must have the intermediate mid section,or does anyone have any of these intermediate mid sections lying around they don,t use anymore also float mid sections. cheers hingin
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    Windcutter multi tip

    Hi All Does anyone have any of these lines for sale the one with the welded loops and intermediate mid section,line size any size will do as long as it is as above. cheers hingin
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    mackenzie dtx g2 multi tip shooting head

    Hi Had a go with this new line today and to say i was impressed with this line is an understatement,i have and have used all the multi tip shooting heads that are on the market today and i have to say the balance and flight of this line has them all beat hands down,at any distance you want...
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    Wanted 8/9 ddc connect

    I,am looking for an 8/9 ddc connect old style uncut floating belly if anyone has one they are not using will take the full kit aswell as long as the belly is uncut PM me if you have one for sale. cheers hingin
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    Rods for sale

    Ihave two rods for sale both in ammaculate condition. 15ft 10/11glx stinger 3pce no marks or scratches on the blank cork handle still in good shape £300 plus p&p. SOLD 13ft 7in 7/8wt guideline lecie 3pce never seen a full days fishing brand new condition £250 plus p&p. SOLD hingin
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    Quality Rods for sale

    Having a clear out as there is only so many rods one person can use and these rods are gathering dust so here we go. 15ft GLX Classic loomis 3pce 10/11 13ft GLX Classic loomis 3pce 8/9 SOLD (pending payment) 14ft GLX Stnger loomis 3pce 9/10 15ft GLX Stinger loomis 3pce 10/11 13ft 7inch 7/8wt...
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    wanted hardy mach 65ft head

    Looking for hardy mach 65ft floater in sizes #10 or #11 any model 1,2,or 65. cheers Hingin
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    15ft 9" Le Cie

    I have for sale a 15ft 9" Le Cie can,t supply photo as don,t have the knowhow or facilities to do so rod is in excellent condition only marks are on the spigots. £250.00 plus p&p hingin
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    wanted hardy mach55 #10 float

    Has onyone got one of these lines for sale or one of the older mach 1 or mach 2 floaters in a size 10 for sale. hingin
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    wanted loomis trilogy

    Does anyone have any of these rods they don,t use anymore i,m looking for one of these rods in good condition. any size concidered.
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    15ft stinger for sale

    Hi guy,s I have a 15ft loomis stinger for sale PM me with sensible offers only. HINGIN
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    14ft gt four four

    Hi guy,s FOR SALE 14FT VISION GT FOUR FOUR 4PCE 9/10 This rod isn,t quite as stiff as the catapult series LOOKING FOR £165 POSTED. Cheers HINGIN
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    16ft sage european

    Hi guys Anybody fish this rod what lines suits it best it,s rated #10 designed by goran anderson he is shooting head man does rod fish speylines if so what legnth. Hingin
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    Thank You

    Dear Moderators I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the e-mail i received today wishing me a happy birthday now that,s what i call a nice personal touch from his forum. Cheers :D HINGIN
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    15ft stinger

    Hi guy,s Anyone interesred in a 15ft stinger £500 or very nearest offer PM me with replys. cheers hingin