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    for sale hardy uniqua bargain

    hi guys due to the high cost these days of a days fishing plus other expences and also needing a bit of spare cash to start my buisness and our 4rth baby due in a few weeks i have decided to part with some equipment a 15ft hardy uniqua salmon rod used for a few hours one day on the spey its...
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    taping hardy rods

    i have not long since purchased a 15ft hardy uniqua double hander and i sent hardy an email asking if i taped the rod would i loose the warranty i received an email back within a few hours saying they never recommend the taping of rod joints only a light rub with candle wax after every three or...
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    spey beats

    on saturday im off to grantown for a fortnights holiday ive fished a few beats including wester elchies and a bit of the grantown assc water the thing is every time ive fished i feel ive not given it my best shot as the wading has been horrendous and ive been concentrating too much on where im...
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    hi folks

    just thought id say hello , im currently still kinda new to salmon fishing in general but ive been fishing for years mainly for trout and pike on the fly but also salmon i mainly fish the tay and the tummel but have been known to frequent the earn and spey also in fact im off this saturday for...