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    April edition of T&S

    I can only assume the editor let this through as a subtle April fools day entry - a short piece on a fly which landed a big fish on the Teith(?) - bears very close resemblance to a Dee sheep with the yellow and blue swapped round but apparently a key ingredient is the black fluoro fibre which...
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    Henrik Mortensen DVDs complete set

    For sale the complete set of six Henrik Mortensen DVDs The Perfect Cast, The Scandinavian Speycast vols l & ll, Distance and Delicacy, Cracking the Code & Patterns of Patagonia all in original cases and recently watched so fine. One case has a small split on the spine but otherwise all in good...
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    Sage Method Switch ROD 11'9" #8 as new

    Sage Method Switch ROD 11'9" #8 as new For sale my unused Sage Method 11'9" #8 switch rod which I bought on a whim on the way back from a trip to the Tweed last summer having used the ghillies one for an afternoon and been impressed - with blank warranty card&receipt and I'll throw in an...
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    T&s crossword January

    Hi All Down to my last clue - 51 down "Uk tackle supplier" despite going away and coming back to it still haven't figured this one out (the shame of it) even having three letters of the six A-R-L- Any help gratefully received Thanks Richard
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    Ari Hart LAV reel with spare spool

    For sale Ari Hart LA (large arbour) size V reel - a fishing reel or collectors item as you see fitness no longer made and hard to come by - bought to use on a long rod which I no longer have so reel has to go too - with spare spool. Reel is metallic blue grey with grey spool and spare spool is...
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    Waterworks Lamson ULA FS4 plus spare spools, backing and lines

    For sale Lamson FS4 reel with two spare spools: 200yds 30lb backing on two spools and hardy Mach 10/11 lines - wet 11 and 15' type 8 sink tip (both used for one week). Currently set up for lhw but easily changed, huge capacity but light weight (10.4oz) and large diameter 4.75" with the reliable...
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    CTS Affinity S 1506-4

    Hi All With lowish water on my recent trip decided to try out this blank I made up initially was thinking of using it as a dapping rod - the blank came from guides n blanks in the CTS sale section just over £100 - Matt carbon finish quite a steely action and slim tube. So usual no bling build...
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    Tales of Teviot woe

    Hi All Just a quick report as I made the annual trip to fish Upper Roxburgh at the end of last week with some friends (they were when we started they might now disown me for persuading them to come fishing!). So after the near 3' rise on the Teviot earlier in the week and some Tweed beats down...
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    Ari Hart LA V reel plus spare spool

    Hi Bought this a while a go for my longer rods but not using them so much now and this never got used anyway. Ari hart LA V 4.8" diameter reel (4.5" spool) LHW in gunmetal/ grey with further spool in black 13.5oz in weight takes 200 yds 30lb backing and #11 Spey line no gravel rash - couple...
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    Sage Method 15' #10

    Hi Didn't get used last year (and saving for some new shooting hardware) a great rod like a TCR but lighter Sage 15' Method # 10 as new (used for three days) with blank warranty original tube and bag. £550 posted in the uk Pm for pictures Thanks Richard
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    Salar fly tying doubles

    Hi Salar double flitting hooks for sale - loose rather than in the blister packs as they have come from my bulk purchases Silver 9xsz5; 34xsz7; 18xsz9; 30xsz11 Gold 10xsz5; 20xsz7; 10sz9; 6xsz11 137 in total £60 Inc p&p in - no longer made so get them while you can!l Loxie was right sold...
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    Greys and hardy fly reels for sale

    Hi For sale Hardy Gem MK 2 (made in England) reel size 10/11 4" diameter 10oz as new in box with neoprene case and blank warranty it's been used but the only way you would know is the slight odour of stale backing! £185 posted uk Greys GX 8/9/10 as new with pouch, box instructions loaded...
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    Seagaur turning opaque?

    Hi All Just been sorting through my gear for autumn trip and one spool of seaguar 23.5lb Fluorocarbon has turned opaque - it looks almost white in comparison to other spools stored with it of the same stuff - anyone else had this happen? Richard
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    Hardy Gem 11/12 reel

    Hardy Gem 11/12 Salmon Reel | eBay I've put this on eBay as it didn't sell here at a reasonable price but now with no reserve and somewhat cheaper than buy it now price from other sellers. Someone might get a bargain:D Richard
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    Sage/loop rods and hardy reel

    Hi For sale prices inc p&p in UK - can send photos Sage method 15'#10 with tube, bag,blank warranty - used one day as new. (A superb rod but I'm going to get the blank for 14&15' and make them up myself) £600 Sage TCX 15'#10 with tube, bag and blank warranty - used one week basically as...
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    Rods to go

    Rods/blank to go - sage loop hardy time to consolidate and make way for next project so the following are for sale Sage Method 15'#10 with tube bag warranty - used one day as new. A great rod but I'm going to get the blank and make one myself as I have preferences over rings and handle shape...
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    CTS blanks

    For those interested some very unusual CTS blanks on sale at guidesnblanks website - 16'#7 might be good for the low water specialist:)
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    Hardy spare spools

    Hi I'm after a spare spool for a Hardy viscount mklll disc la 7/8 reel (its the black one) and also one for a Hardy Gem mkll 10/11 reel (the blue model) Anyone got one collecting dust out there? Happy to buy or swap as I have some spare spools for other hardy reels i won't use (ultralite...
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    Rods reels and lines

    Unused this year so time to offload Loomis GLX greased line 16' # 9/10 4 piece excellent condition with original tube and bag £335 Hardy grey graphite 16'#11 three piece - used condition in bag- previously returned by Hardys Inc replacement of bridge rings with high arch snakes £160 Loop grey...
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    Salmon rod blanks

    Dawning realisation these are never going to get made up and used so better to let them go! Loop grey line 15' #10 four piece blank with spare top section in loop bag with loop rod tube, loop reel seat and a spool of the correct Gudebrod grey thread £120 Inc uk postage Bloke XL50 15' #10 four...