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    Best salmon (fly) fishing around Letterkenny?

    Hi all, if I plan to go and see my brother who lives just outside Letterkenny, when is the best time of year to take a rod with me (preferably fly fishing) and which river/s should I be looking at? Thanks for any answers in anticipation.
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    Oracle Spey 13' 8/9

    I picked up one of these in mint condition on auction recently. Is there a reasonable, budget priced floating head that anyone can recommend for it? It's a question that's been asked on here before but the cheaper heads that were being recommended previously (John Norris) don't seem to be...
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    Removeable Wading Studs???!

    Can anyone tell me how to stop the 'removeable' wading studs in the soles of my Scierra X-Tech boots from removing themselves without my permission? Three sets in and having tried two different types of adhesive, I'm getting a little fed up of sliding around on rocks. Latest count (after two...
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    Have Zpey 10' 7-wt, would like to meet a 12' double hander

    As the title suggests, I have a Zpey 10' 7-wt Switch four piece which has been used twice, maybe three times. I don't have a 12' DH salmon fly outfit and think I should have one. What have you got?
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    Best chances, end April, England or Wales?

    I appreciate that water levels and weather will make a difference but if a friend and I wanted to grab a couple of days towards the end of April, where's a reasonable chance of a springer?
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    Leaf beaters?

    I've just spent a frustrating day on the South Tyne which was rising and awash with fallen leaves. I found I could reduce the leaf problem (but not eliminate it) by dispensing with the doubles and trebles and using a single hook. It got me to wondering if anyone had tried dressing a fly with...
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    Fly Boxes

    What are people using for fly storage? Particularly of dressed flies? I'm trying to decide whether a large central box in the tackle bag (left in the car) and picking out a small selection to keep in the chest pocket of my waders at the beginning of the day is a better solution than a number of...