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  1. Cookie-boy


    Had my annual three days up on the A'an at Ballindalloch. Been coming up here for 30 odd years and it's a place very close to my heart. Two of my old fishing buddies have their ashes scattered at Polly pool but on the Monday morning things were looking grim there..... Tuesday morning improved...
  2. Cookie-boy

    Different strains of salmon running the same system?

    It's always interested me how entire river systems produce different strains of fish that run them. My own experience of fishing the A'an for 35 years has taught me that A'an fish are quite different from Spey fish and that Livet fish (known as "Livet Darts" for obvious reasons) are obviously...
  3. Cookie-boy

    Following on from Whitehouse and Mortimer last Sunday......

    I was on the neighbouring beat at Newton Stacey on Monday morning. I don't fish for trout anywhere near as much as I used to but still enjoy a couple of days a season here. I have been fishing here for 35 years and got pissed in this hut on many occasions. On one occasion back in the 90's I had...
  4. Cookie-boy

    Diseased fish on the mend.

    I've just come back from my annual July week on the Helmsdale. The Spring run was very badly affected with disease with hundreds of dead fish pulled from the river. Many rod caught fish were in a very sorry state and our ghillie pulled a twenty five pounder out of a burn that was on it's last...
  5. Cookie-boy

    Three days on the A'an

    Went up last Sunday for my annual three days on the A'an at Ballindalloch, a journey I've been making now for thirty years. When I think back to those early years and the free running salmon that ran that silver stream it is depressing to see how things are now. But in truth I can't keep away...
  6. Cookie-boy

    Pigeons coing home to roost?

    Pigeons coming home to roost? Spoke today to the owers of the bed and breakfast that I stay in on Speyside each year. We take the last week in May. Prime time you might say. They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet, they look after us wonderfully well, the breakfast and dinner each...
  7. Cookie-boy

    Helmsdale tackle fishing report

    250 fish off the river last week! Some in the 20lb +. Wonder how many were fresh? Shame that there are no pics anywhere? :ohwell:
  8. Cookie-boy

    A nice film.

    i find myself watching more and more fishing films as the season gets closer and my first trip of the year to Scotland beckons. Always wanted to fish for steelhead since I saw an old John Wilson episode set in British Columbia where he was literally fought to his knees by one of these amazing...
  9. Cookie-boy

    Great take and first run!

    Rather unceremonious end but what a run!!
  10. Cookie-boy

    Lonely Hearts ad's.

    Saw this and p***ed myself..........:D
  11. Cookie-boy

    A few days on the A'an at Ballindalloch

    Fished a few days on the A'an last week. We were expecting low water and met the ghillie at 9.00 am on the first morning as is the custom. We weren't however expecting to be introduced to the Chairman of the Spey Fishery Board who told us the entire Spey system was heavily infected with...
  12. Cookie-boy

    " Heaven forbid something actually happens to you lot like catching a fish......"

    " Heaven forbid something actually happens to you lot like catching a fish......" Posted by Salmonaddict in a recently closed thread.......... "Heaven forbid something actually happens to you lot like catching a fish or getting laid ***" Great line! But when I actually weighed up my...
  13. Cookie-boy

    FA Cup!

    Liverpool's season is unravelling, the natives are restless! I don't see them getting Champions League football at the end of the season. ;) Terrific result for Lincoln, marvellous display from Wycombe keeping the romance of the cup alive, I just wish some Premier League managers would take it...
  14. Cookie-boy

    Your salmon fishing superstitions and weird habits!

    I'm pretty superstitious when it comes to fishing. If I catch a fish on the first morning I'll wear the same socks and shirt all week as they are now my "lucky" socks and shirt. By the Thursday the socks are standing on their own. If I don't catch on the Monday I'll wear clean socks and shirt...
  15. Cookie-boy

    Last week in Sutherland.

    With a good amount of rain on the Sunday things were looking hopeful for the week. We started the traditional way with some of the best fish and chips in Scotland! The weather was mainly dry and overcast with the odd burst of bright sunshine and explosive showers that bought the river back...
  16. Cookie-boy

    Scottish Poetry

    I stumbled across this on a guitar forum I'm a member of. It sound lovely but I don't understand a word of it? Any translaters? "As dusky autumn evenin' faa's I courries doon and hauds ma ba's A turd tae the heather fa's ........................I'm shitin' Wi doaky leaf a wipe ma shiter An up...
  17. Cookie-boy

    You have to hand it to him!

    PG's third 25lb plus fish this season. All spanking fresh!
  18. Cookie-boy

    When and where were you at your happiest?

    I have been asked this by a questionnaire I'm filling in and have been wrestling with the conundrum for some time. I know it should have some family attachment and of course the birth of my children have been wonderful and I was ecstatic but was I truly at my happiest? I don't know. Some women...
  19. Cookie-boy

    Have you seen...........

    ......a blacker cock than this? Don't think I have. 25lb Helmsdale fish caught a couple of weeks ago!
  20. Cookie-boy

    Hypocristy in the press?

    They tell us that our politicians are out of touch and not grounded or living in the real world, yet when it's discovered that the Prime Minister has been doing what any other ordinary working bloke would do ie get drunk, smoke drugs etc they're down on him like a ton of bricks?You can't bloody...