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    Good news on FEB research on the Tweed

    Just seen a news report from the Tweed on cormorant and goosander research which hopefully will provide some answers to the impact of these birds. Hopefully this is the link :- Cull to begin on cormorants and goosanders as Tweed salmon numbers continue to drop | Border Telegraph
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    Seatrout and the new salmon conservation rules

    Contacted Marine Scotland - Salmon and Recreational Fisheries Team ( ) who have confirmed that the new Salmon regs. definitely do not apply to seatrout regardless of any inference in the 2003 regs. First time salmon and seatrout have been defined as separate...
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    Toby colour

    I was advised the other day that flashy silver or gold tobys in clear water and sunny conditions spooks fish and it`s best to use duller lures in such conditions. This seems to go against the traditional advice of bright conditions, bright lure. I would be interested to hear other forum members...