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    Consultation on Salmon/ Sea Trout Tagging for 2022
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    Salmon Catch Stats 2020 This article also has the catch stats for 2020 contained, which I have pasted below...
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    IFI Seeks Views on Ways to Improve Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme

    Thank you to everyone who has offered their opinions so far! Summarising my own thoughts so far on the subject, I hope any changes made to the current system in place will be to encourage anglers to submit accurate catch data on a regular basis via a digital logbook on an app rather than...
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    IFI Seeks Views on Ways to Improve Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme

    Here you go
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    IFI Seeks Views on Ways to Improve Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme

    Thought there might be a little bit more discussion on this 😅😂 Are anglers happy with the system in place or do they want to see wholesale changes? This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to voice their opinion on what is a hugely important component of salmon and sea trout angling in...
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    IFI Seeks Views on Ways to Improve Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme

    Interested to see people's views on this...
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    Some great fish in those old photos! The Bandon counter is no longer in operation. It was used to estimate a partial count and there was always a debate as to what proportion of fish used the pass and what percentage traversed the weir itself. Every counter and site is different so some work...
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    Out of interest, how long ago was it since you saw salmon running the Newport River in January? On the Bandon, we had a run of 200 plus fish in January 2010 I think it was also. All late running, fresh silver fish coming in to spawn and migrate back downstream all within a few days!
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    Remember that photo above from 7 years ago alright. Uproar over it being fake Nice to see videos of salmon running the Newport River. Hopefully the run is up this year
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    Any videos of that run you saw over the last few days?
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    Inland Fisheries Ireland
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    Inland Fisheries Ireland

    Cheers for the fly info everyone!
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    Inland Fisheries Ireland

    What flies are working on the Ridge Pool at the moment lads?
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    River Bandon

    PM sent Boomdocker 👍 Fishing has tapered off a little just now. Springers were late but very good sport enjoyed by many and we were lucky with some lovely water. Grilse are only around the corner and the run should be well on by the time you're down. Photo of one of three fish I had a few...
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    First Irish salmon 2021

    It's legit by all accounts and not the first. Caught in Kerry
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    Fresh fish

    A Kerry fish caught today (not me!)
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    Killing classic flies and spinners on the Slaney (in 1933 / 34)

    Great history there! In Cork at least, collie is another name for minnow. Used to love going down to the river beside our old family farm on the Argideen, catch a few collies with a hand net, put them in a glass jar filled with water, watch them for a while and put them back again. Simple...
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    Best sunglasses, for UK, River fishing

    Costa 580G copper lens silver mirror. Great on sunny days and the glass doesn't scratch. Bought a pair in 2012 and only had to have them repaired in 2019. Wear them a lot for work also so can say they are very durable as long as you look after them. This year, for lower light conditions, I...