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  1. Rennie

    Roof tents

    When the tribe and myself used to camp a lot more, we did see a lot of them in the lakes. Certainly on the 4x4's of the more adventurous hard core outdoor's people any way and a lot of those would camp away from organised sites where they could get off piste as it were. Indeed they're to keep...
  2. Rennie

    Gaelforce S3 Body EMTSB experience and performance

    Michael, a full floating head with any sinking tip will fish round quicker as there's the majority of the whole line on the surface. Also and probably of greater importance is the angle of the tip in the water between the floating body and the flee, especially noticeable with type 6 and type 8...
  3. Rennie

    New Down/Primaloft Jacket

    Well, a year in and the Hodgeman gets a glowing report from me!.They're even cheaper now for a bit of scouting round.The Blurb says it's treated to remain water-resistant for the Down certainly.No reason to doubt it!.Plenty of pockets, love mine, but it is serious winter wear, bit too warm at...
  4. Rennie

    First summer setup

    Seanyboy, I use both tapered leaders and 10ft polytips, total leader length about 15ft. The Scandi Compact I use is 510 grain, 10.3 m long.Go's like a flaming bullet and gives very delicate presentation. Pedro.
  5. Rennie

    First summer setup

    A shorter 12ft-ish rod of 7-ish weight would be ideal Seanyboy, your thinking is spot on. That sort of rod will give you a few advantages over a switch rod, it'll lift and cast that bit more line, allow you to control/steer fish in play that bit more too, but be lovely to play Grilse,Sea Trout...
  6. Rennie


    I've got Maxcatch Scagits, re: the bigger fatter rear end of the line.Carefull with that!, the thinner end of big heavy skagit type of lines is there for a reason, it's to ease the path of the line back into the rod rings and in particular the tip ring, especially when you've a fish on!.I've...
  7. Rennie

    Gaelforce S3 Body EMTSB experience and performance

    Michael, Rio's type 3 sinkers tend to be a tadge quicker than 3 ips, coupled to a type 3 tip that alone will get down a fair old way and certainly beat the surface drift. Utillise a type 6 or 8 tip and that probably means you'll get deeper a lot quicker!, probably due to the type 3 belly in...
  8. Rennie

    Long fur for Scandi patterns

    Geordieboy, you could do far worse than watching Frodin's fly of the month on you tube. It's a commercial exercise certainly, but it will give you insight into the how to in great depth.You can buy the stuff from him in kit form for each fly( expensive! ), or check out what you need and make...
  9. Rennie

    Materials Heads Up!

    It's that time of year again folks, a flee tyer's paradise!. So today I got dragged round the shops by my mum and she who must be obeyed.Most of the time I was switched off completely, however the £ shops etc and the market stalls had my full attention. Nirvana was found in Clintons, bigee...
  10. Rennie

    Style of Fly.

    So, we've had plenty of favourite fly type of threads in the past, you know, just one fly all year round etc. But expanding on that, if you had to pick one style of flee for all your fishing, what style would you go for. You know, maybe a Willie G., but tied as a std. Hair Winged Tube with...
  11. Rennie

    Scotland - Beavers' boost with support to expand population

    It's a shame migratory fish don't eat properly in fresh water. Where we have been "blessed" with Signal Crayfish in England, the Coarse fish population has grown in individual size quite considerably munching on them.Chub, Barbel and Carp in particular love crayfish in Rivers and Carp in the...
  12. Rennie

    a few fishy songs

    One could have the seasonal favourite," I'm Breaming of a White Christmas", by Bing Crosby", or "Motor Piking", by Chris Spedding", "Happy Dace are Here Again", by Ben Selvin and the Crooners, maybe even that classic album by the Manic's, " Gold Against the Sole" and one could never forget the...
  13. Rennie

    Bail arm problems

    What you need nore fly is a reel with a ceramic line roller ( thats the clue, line ROLLER!). I'm not sure how much you've been spending on your reels, but good reels should have a form of roller at the bail arm. Unfinished metal bail arms simply just won't last, and especially with constant cast...
  14. Rennie

    a few fishy songs

    That makes two of us then, coz I'm the daft version! P.
  15. Rennie

    Not another bleeding jacket thread!

    Fredzefisher, if you've got a good pair of trainers, are a bit nippy on your feet, then your best bet is Norris's and hope they've got your size in a Simm's G3 on the rack, try it on and leg it!. Seriously, much as your finding out its a proper task sorting out a jacket to fish in, as much as...
  16. Rennie

    a few fishy songs

    Really salarchaser, it hate it when people get it all wrong, every one but an eejit knows it's Bill Hailey and his Comets with "Hake Haddock and Sole", you've been listening to Radio 3 far too much! Pedro.
  17. Rennie

    a few fishy songs

    Ah, hippie rock!, one of the old favs. Steve Hillage. Never was a hippie myself, but by christ he could do the business with a Guitar!." All Too Much", one of my all time favs. ( strictly speaking not his composition! ) but a blinding bit of playing and a very tidy rendition indeed!. Surprised...
  18. Rennie


    I'm sure you'd get your share Gordon, nowt ventured, nowt gained as they say, Hover/Inty/3 and Inty/2/4 would see you right enough for a 1st chuck. Pedro.
  19. Rennie


    Well HP, the beats are nothing like they used to be, suppose you'll have that inkling. I've fished there 30 yrs, managed 3 this year, but last year ( 2020 ) year, I went blank too, 1st ever time since my inaugural year all that time ago down on Stanners!. Pedro.
  20. Rennie


    The Blue versions look a bit cheeky!, I think they'd work well enough on the Dee!. Pedro.