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  1. kimbo

    Trout rod advice

    I have a sage z axis 10ft 7 wt single handed rod, I got it for seatrout and grilse mainly but I also use it on reservoirs. I now find that with more advancing years I need a less powerful rod for reservoirs,I've tried my friends sage xp 10ft 7wt and that seems more suited. Had anyone got any...
  2. kimbo

    Fly fishing in iceland

    ITV4 now fly fishing in iceland
  3. kimbo

    Salmon fishing with Jack charlton

    Look what I shared: Probably seen loads of times but still worth a look
  4. kimbo

    Catalytic converter thieves

    Just had three eastern Europeans jack up my car and angle grind the cat converter off it in broad daylight, they did 2 other cars and then drove off in a car with false plates. This is not an isolated incident
  5. kimbo

    Hermes Scam

    Just had a message from s mobile number saying it was from Hermes and that they tried to deliver a parcel but missed us and to visit the link in the message to arrange redelivery otherwise the parcel will be returned to sender.
  6. kimbo

    Maxcatch Spey rod

    Anyone bought a maxcatch Spey rod direct from china
  7. kimbo

    Guideline reach

    Anyone tested the guideline reach 12.6in rod half price in Norris.
  8. kimbo

    Loop Cross S1

    Couple of loop cross S1 on eBay good prices. 13ft and 12ft
  9. kimbo


    I have just been going through one of my old Farlows catalogue 91st edition, guessing 1950 ish. Farlows used to make an awful lot of their own tackle. Some interesting items. Can't see anyone using the hand magnifier
  10. kimbo

    Upstream tonight

    Bbc4 11.35 tonight following the course of the river Dee through the seasons. Filmed over 3 years
  11. kimbo

    Mortimer and Whitehouse Christmas fishing

    On tonight bbc2 8.10pm
  12. kimbo

    Pet flea treatment poisoning rivers

    Just read this article, very worrying...
  13. kimbo

    More salmon news
  14. kimbo

    Castle Fisheries river Derwent

    Does anybody know anything about this fishery I think its above cockermouth not much on their website as to catch returns etc.
  15. kimbo

    A week on the Alness Novar Estate

    I didn't think that this trip would ever happen and it was close , another week or two and it wouldn't have gone ahead. After cancelling our Dee trip in June we were all looking forward to the Alness, daily checks for rain and river levels as the torrential rain that most of the country got...
  16. kimbo

    Bloke switch rod

    I have decided to buy a bloke switch rod blank in a 7/8 wt and make the rod up myself, I can't decide between the xl50 or the new xnep, has anyone tried the new xnep yet apparently it is lighter and more sensitive but I don't have the luxury of trying before I buy. I would welcome comments Kim
  17. kimbo

    Time off from fishing

    Took a week off to get away from it all, heading for Scilly isles from Torquay in s 40ft yacht with friends, early start best time of the day
  18. kimbo

    River alness disease

    Going up to the Alness in sept. Their Facebook page is showing lots of diseased fish in the river. Does anyone know what's happening?
  19. kimbo

    Amazon scam

    There is a scam going around where you receive an automated phone call purporting to come from amazon where they say they are going to automatically renew your account and you will be debited some money from your bank account. At the end of the message they say press 1 to confirm receiving the...
  20. kimbo

    Import Duty

    I am ordering something from Germany and I have been told that at the moment I won't have to pay import duty on it but I will have to pay vat.Is that right?