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  1. kgm

    Comparison of 6 different Spey hackles

    You do know that heron is not real spey hackle. Heron is one of the early sub's for spey hackle. Real Spey hackle was from an old breed of chicken thought to have been bred out by genetics. Must have been common around speyside and deeside in the 18 hundred's, could it have been a...
  2. kgm


    Very unusual and very nice, well tied. Bet you wear really strange ties.
  3. kgm

    Very small cones

    Call Geoff and see what he has, he'll look after you. I'll check what I have and let you know, it's an unusual request but then that's you ;-)
  4. kgm

    Schmookler & Sils books

    These are worth a good bit of money to the right buyer, maybe outside of this forum and most likely in the USA. £1200 would not be unreasonable, 3 x £400 imho. Maybe better selling individually @ £500 each. One may make more. I'd love to browse through them but out of my league as I'd only go...
  5. kgm

    Very small cones

    Lakeland flytying used to do copper coneheads down to that size, not sure it they still do but they must have old stock. Mind and order the correct tubing also, if your stuck I may have some.
  6. kgm

    Another rainbow

    Not another bright feather wing. I can only ties these style of flies when I'm in the mood and have time, plenty of time. This one was close to getting stripped as I left too much space at the head area and I hate seeing leftover shank at the front of hooks, instead I gave it a big woolly head...
  7. kgm

    Black Dug'ish & NHS'ish

    A couple of recent ones from me. A black dog variant and an NHS themed one.
  8. kgm

    Speybrothers Tie of the Month August 2019 - On Tweed

    Thunder and Lightning As I understand it, attributed to James Wright the famous Tweed fly dresser so I'm assuming it originated on the Tweed.
  9. kgm

    Guideline Le Cie 14'8 9/10 MF 3 piece Middle section

    I'm looking for the middle section of a Guideline Le Cie 14'8 9/10 MF 3 piece on behalf of an old friend based in Scotland. Appreciate your help, thank you. P.S He's not looking to buy another of these rods, just a middle section if possible.
  10. kgm

    List of Largest 35 lb+ Irish Salmon ever caught/found (Not in Fred Buller's)Books

    From Jack Power. I think that's actually himself in the picture under an alias
  11. kgm

    Posting privileges

    There is a bobbin holder in the sales section of the forum, I do not have the required permission to reply to that post ????? Can somebody tell me why ? I'm only here since 2012 and only...
  12. kgm

    Esmond Drury trebles - old stock

    Anybody hoarding old Esmond Drury trebles in 8, 10, 12, and 14, black preferebly ??? I'd be interested in buying some. I have no interest in the modern copies, thank you.
  13. kgm

    Paddy banana

    I had someone in mind when tying this fly, a dirty banana with hints of Ireland :evil: Plastic glitter tube (yellow & gold) with black inner and 1/2" weight Tag oval gold tinsel Butt green globrite Rear body copper braid Front body golden olive mixed with sss nasty rusty then donegal olive...
  14. kgm

    Spring Ghillies

    A good friend who saw the Spring ghillie that I posted asked for a few scaled up near 5 inches for fishing heavy cold Spring water on the Tay. Unlike the original, tied with bucktail and arctic runner, these longer flies are tied with hair known as snow runner. Snow runner is popular with the...
  15. kgm

    Smhaen Bobbin holder

    Is anybody using the Danish smhaen bobbin holder ?? It's out just over a year now and very expensive but very good looking, is anyone going to recommend it ? I don't really need another bobbin holder, but .........
  16. kgm

    New Zealand, Christchurch area

    A friend of mine and many others on the forum, Pat the gardener, is heading for Christchurch, New Zealand to visit his daughter on the 6th January. A 3 week holiday. He is hoping to go trout fishing for 3 or 4 days within 150 miles of Christchurch. Any recommendations greatly appreciated...
  17. kgm

    October 2017 Tie Of The Month - Featherwings

    Silver Doctor This famous old pattern shouldn't need any introduction.
  18. kgm

    Dodgy Batch of Salars maybe?!?...

    There's a partridge patriot bought from a high street Partridge retailer, not a second or reject, after catching a fish. I landed the fish but threw the fly away, pretty rubbish as the flee is as good as new bar the crappy hook. When I went to bend the hook back into shape it snapped, a sure...
  19. kgm

    Gaye byker on acid

    ......and the wineo relative Pink and clarets work all year round but maybe at their best in the weeks to come ;)