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  1. Paul White

    Short Traditional Spey line

    9/10 Short Head Traditional Floating Spey lines wanted, preferably Rio but any make considered. Thanks
  2. Paul White

    Pretty predictable....

    No surprises here from the SNP......,V04Z,2353CT,3SJFV,1
  3. Paul White

    Simms Boa wading boots size 11 UK

    Simms Rivertech 2 Boa wading boots size 11 UK Simms Rivertech 2 wading boots with Boa system. They have been worn about a dozen times and are in pretty good condition (see pics), except for broken "pull-on" tab on the left boot. Also included a Boa repair kit. Sorry the pics are a bit askew...
  4. Paul White

    Interesting stuff....

    How about this...
  5. Paul White


    Am travelling up over the weekend to fish the Thurso next week. How is the A9 these days?
  6. Paul White

    World's gone mad

    The world really has gone bonkers when newspapers print this sort of rubbish!! When dairy farmers need all the help they can get, and going out of business in ever increasing numbers because of cheap milk imports, the nutter who got permission to have this ad printed (by going to the High...
  7. Paul White

    Normal for Norfolk

    As Simon suggested, a special thread for the best programme on BBC. If you haven't watched the original, please try to find it on iPlayer if possible, you will not be disappointed. It reminds me of the The Fast Show's Ted and Ralph, but this is real life
  8. Paul White

    European Champions!!!

    The wait is over!!! For the first time since 1966, one of our soccer teams has won a Championship!! Yes, we have one the European Beach Soccer Championship....surely worth an open top bus ride through London and a couple of gongs?;);):D
  9. Paul White


    I am amazed(;)) that none of our Yorkshire members (Simon, Tyke etc etc), have not posted a thread about Joe Root, England cricket captain and his exploits yesterday at Lords!! Not only has he got England out of trouble (they were 84-4), in the first test v South Africa with his wonderful 184...
  10. Paul White

    Switch Line and reel

    Vision Ace Switch multitip line ( 450g #8) and .30 Rio Powerflex running line. Both put on reel and cast once but too light for my other rod and reel. Link to line: Vision Ace Switch MultiTip Shooting Head Lamson Litespeed Mk IV 3.5 with 200m of backing. Vitually brand new (black...
  11. Paul White

    Teifi disaster!!

    There has been a major pollution on the river Teifi!! The pollution was above Tregaron at Pont Lanio. It was caused by a slurry leak from a farm. Steffan Jones has commented on it in his Facebook page, but it has killed 1,000's of fish, including salmon in the teens of lbs, sewin and brownies...
  12. Paul White

    Oregon or BC for Steelhead

    Thinking of doing a week/fortnight Steelhead trip next year to either Oregon (PNW) or BC. Would prefer to fish small/medium rivers but not essential. What does anyone who's been to either or both think is the best and best time of year? Paul
  13. Paul White

    Springer for Sale....

    Love it..... Paul
  14. Paul White

    Check this out.....

    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I just thought more people would see it here!! Amazing....... Paul
  15. Paul White

    Beautiful markings...

    At first I thought this was a stale seatrout, but think it's a bloody good Brownie (what do you think?), off the Teifi....about 4lbs and fought like a seatrout!! Swam off as if nothing had happened!
  16. Paul White

    Hardy service

    Great service today from Hardy at Alnwick. Requested a main screw for my 4" Bougle and they are sending today! Paul
  17. Paul White

    Hardy Ultralite DD 5000 plus spool

    Hardy Ultralite DD5000 plus spare spool. Lines not included but backing is. No pouches I'm afraid but all in very good condition. SOLD Paul
  18. Paul White

    Vision Ace Switch Multitip line (NIB)

    Brand new, never used....Vision Ace Switch Multitip line. 450gr/29g. Cost £99.99.........incP&P.......£75. Paul
  19. Paul White

    Itchen Fish

    Here's one I caught earlier today (about 4.5lbs and safely returned), from the Stanton Meadows beat of the Itchen. I won the day in last year's S&T Association auction. My pal and I had great day, we both had a fish and I lost one too. Caught on Gold headed nymphs fished down and across. Many...
  20. Paul White

    Do you know if....

    Does anyone know if a Loop Classic 58 reel will take a AFS Outbound 7/8 with reasonable backing? Paul