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  1. wormo

    yokanga parks

    park style tying with yokanga gold theme #10 nordic doubles
  2. wormo

    scotland from the sky

    cracking programme on just now bbc 1 Scotland from the sky
  3. wormo

    tweaked calvins

    a few wee calvins with a couple differences top ones green butt and mixed yellow red body bottom tied with a pink rear hackle
  4. wormo

    rio scandi head

    520gr/33.7g rio scandi floating head used a few hours at most £35 posted SOLD SOLD
  5. wormo

    Danielsson H5D 9 thirteen

    bought in the summer, seen very little use selling as I made the mistake of buying the 9/thirteen instead of the 11/ fourteen id say its an 8/9 but it is a superb bit of kit you won't need to buy another reel £250 SOLD SOLD can send pics if required as I'm at work just now
  6. wormo

    Daiwa alltmor spey

    a superb example in top condition Great powerful rods once held in great esteem it's not seen much action but casts a nice line 15ft 3 piece collection only please £150 ono
  7. wormo

    Walter smith RIP

    just heard that Walter passed away. from a die hard celtic fan condolences to his friends and family and the rangers family , football has lost a true scholar and legend of a man met him twice went out of his way to sign autographs RIP
  8. wormo

    gopro hero6 black

    not getting used as I had planned so better off going to a new home that will will use it comes with case and a couple attachments plus head mount no charge cable but its a standard USB C £130 posted SOLD
  9. wormo

    junction shrimp trebs

    not tied a fly in weeks , wee set of junctions on #8 trebles
  10. wormo

    used jc

    3 capes plenty small an large left £30 posted please SOLD thanks
  11. wormo

    Anvil Apex vise

    jaws in perfect condition , its been a real work horse for me its been well used tied 1000s of flies and will do 1000s more for someone retails at about £150 in good used condition with perfect jaws looking for £75 ovno
  12. wormo

    Rare day this season

    Sad to say I've been drifting away from salmon fishing this year and looking like I'm gonna blank on my local river forth , first time in over 20 years 😢 however a wee day out today with a nice fish helped big time , I just live the Ericht it rarely let's me down
  13. wormo

    flourescent red allys

    had a nice flourescent red bucktail sitting so done a few of these on 8s and 10s
  14. wormo

    wormo jr

    made up for my son , took a walk down to see what was what with the river before footie training , set him up an went for a blether 5 min later " dad I've hooked one " played it well and landed his first solo salmon , 2 casts later he lost another one only there 40 min, naturally I got bugger all 🤣
  15. wormo

    Silver Samurai

    love tying these , bet the movement is great I the water
  16. wormo

    salmon , sea trout or hybrid

    morning all, heres a fish im a bit stumped with and can't make my mind up what it is , head looks trouty, tail looks of a salmon spots kind of farmer like but condition of the fish doesn't look like a farmer at all, it was on a website for the river strathy up on the north coast
  17. wormo

    in car audio

    hi guys , any audio experts on here able to advise I've just bought a 2012 seat exeo sport tech estate , really nice car basically an audi A4 b7 style the audio is a pioneer touch screen but its old no dab etc , and the radio reception is very poor seemingly a common problem with the fact the...
  18. wormo

    Good quality capes

    morning guys , as above title can anyone suggest where I can lay my hands on a good quality cape to be specific I'm looking for hot orange or orange and yellow I've been using whiting 4b hrn or American hen and they are great as they are not too soft so good for hackles but finding them really...
  19. wormo

    its holiday time 😃

    Well it's finally here, just loading the motor and heading north, Gairloch again , no water again so hopefully sea trout and bass along with some hill loch trout will feature , hope to post some nice pics of a beautiful place of the world midge nets at the ready 🙈
  20. wormo

    clouser type

    tied a few of these for aiming at bass and sea trout , will be fishing them behind an intermediate bombarda style float but may put on the fly rod if the fish are close in