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  1. Tangled

    Leeda Profil Salmon

    I got given one of these reels years ago but have never used it. Obviously it's a very cheap reel but is it any use? My real reel is a Hardy Ultralite ASR but I'm wondering if this could be a backup. Would the drag stand up to a 20lb if I ever had to use it? Would it fall apart?
  2. Tangled

    Argentina Bans Salmon Farms

    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing."
  3. Tangled

    Kola 2021?

    I have a carried forward trip from last year coming up this July. I was hopeful a month ago but now it's looking like international travel is unlikely this summer too. Anybody else similarly stymied?
  4. Tangled

    About Scandi and Skagit lines

    Just thought I'd plonk this link here I found it useful untangling salmon line terminology. it's very American and very slanted towards skagit, I suspect a Northern European view would be far more equally balanced, but having said that, it tells the story...
  5. Tangled

    What would you have done?

    I find that it's not so much the fish you catch but more the circumstances that you fish in that makes the memories. So I regularly run my mind over a situation I got into a few years ago where I didn't actually catch or even hook a fish. It was my very first salmon river and my second day on...
  6. Tangled

    The Tweed in Spring?

    Does anybody have information or links to information about salmon catches/runs on the Tweed above Keslo in spring - April-May? I'm considering a trip.
  7. Tangled

    Rio Grande- Argentina

    Anyone any experience of the lodges in Argentina, I may be in the market for a February trip but never even set foot on the continent.
  8. Tangled

    Bonkers Salmon ladder/pump

    This is totally mad Twitter I wonder if anyone uses it.
  9. Tangled

    Where to go.

    Where is the best place to go for the best chance of a Salmon or five in the UK in late September? Thinking of a late season trip for a few days.
  10. Tangled

    Somewhere with a doublehander and a guide

    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a few days salmon fishing with a guide and at least a likelyhood of catching. Anywhere UK really but with a practical preference for southernish. Maybe Wye?
  11. Tangled

    Best trebles

    I've just had a bit fright - I've just bought a cheap box of trebles and thought I'd better test them before I packed them away for use. I put one end in a vice, twisted on a length of wire (I stupidly thought that mono would break before the hook bent) and pulled on it. The hook unbent like a...
  12. Tangled

    All things Pink

    2019 is an odd numbered year and odd numbered years mean Pink (Pacific) Salmon in our rivers again. 2017 was a bumper year for Pinks and they were spotted forming redds in many of our rivers. So will their numbers increase this year? This is a thread to post sightings and discuss whether we...
  13. Tangled

    Playing Salmon

    Recently I lost a good salmon when it came out of the water, tail-walked and shook its head. I kept the pressure on and it shook out the fly. Some say you should give the fish some slack when they do that - is there a concensus?
  14. Tangled

    Salmon Flies - what the ....?

    I've been fly fishing for 30+ years but until very recently, never for salmon. So choosing salmon flies is a bit of a mystery to me. For a start, there's no matching the hatch - for obvious reasons - even so, shrimp imitations are very popular. I watched two chaps choose some flies in a shop...