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  1. Cookie-boy

    The Close Season What You Doing Today Thread?

    She's done me a list........:rolleyes:
  2. Cookie-boy

    Lindisfarne, The Geordie Genius, The Alan Hull story

    Amazing how Stratocasters and Telecasters haven't evolved at all since the early 1950's isn't it? A perfect design that could not be improved in seventy years of technical evolution. Same can be applied to 1950's Gibsons.
  3. Cookie-boy

    Lindisfarne, The Geordie Genius, The Alan Hull story

    Just checked the list of lots on Christie's website. The Hitmaker wasn't on it although a Fender Custom Shop copy was. Most notable for any guitar buffs was a '57 Strat that has had a black refin estimated at $30,000 - $40,000.Having watched the Clapton and Gilmour auctions I doubt it'll make...
  4. Cookie-boy

    a few fishy songs

    My favourite fishing song.........
  5. Cookie-boy

    First casualty of this winter

    I wonder why our indigenous salmon hunters always seem to leave the head whereas in other countries the head provides high nutrients and is eaten first?
  6. Cookie-boy

    Does Boris have covid-induced brain damage, I wonder?

    Starmer, Rayner, Ashworth, Dodds, Lammy, Butler, thanks!
  7. Cookie-boy

    Plans for Next Year

    Andrew, I've been fishing it for the last 36 years. Anything you want to know please pm me. There is availability as a lot of the old regular rods are dropping of their collective perches nowadays.
  8. Cookie-boy

    Plans for Next Year

    My 36th annual trip to the A'an in May, Helsmdale in July and whatever else I can get away with! ;)
  9. Cookie-boy

    Just an idea..

  10. Cookie-boy

    The Ghillies story TV series

    Now that was funny! ;)
  11. Cookie-boy

    Gravel Rash

    Battle scars. Wear them with pride!
  12. Cookie-boy


    Spot on, Mows! It's pompous 5hite!
  13. Cookie-boy

    The most salmon ever?

    Isn't it tragic how so many of these characters have gone from the river now. On reflection, not just from the river but from society.
  14. Cookie-boy

    The most salmon ever?

    If you mention that again.......... :ROFLMAO:
  15. Cookie-boy

    A Hill Bothy.

    Looks fantastic!
  16. Cookie-boy

    Burn house in its autumn colours

    Know it well as I fished the opposite bank for a good few years. Lovely part of the world.
  17. Cookie-boy

    When did it become "a thing" to target coloured salmon?

    No dog in this fight but not long ago when I used to take two weeks on the North Esk, one in late May/June and the other in October there was always a good chance of a fresh autumn fish so I do understand why fishers on this system are reluctant to put their rods away,
  18. Cookie-boy

    When did it become "a thing" to target coloured salmon?

    The undeniable fact is salmon fisheries and estates are valued on their returns and declared catches. When you consider each "kipper" caught can add an extra £5,000 - £7,000 to their value I don't see them shortening the season any time soon.