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    Consultation on Salmon/ Sea Trout Tagging for 2022
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    Salmon Catch Stats 2020 This article also has the catch stats for 2020 contained, which I have pasted below...
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    IFI Seeks Views on Ways to Improve Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme

    Interested to see people's views on this...
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    Catch Stats 2018

    Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Statistics Report 2018 - Inland Fisheries Ireland
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    Draft Regulations 2020

    Consultation on Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme Regulations 2019 and Conservation Measures for 2020 Season
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    Spring Salmon Fly Fishing in April

    Evening all, What rivers and stretches would ye recommend for April that won't cost an arm and a leg?? Have fished the Tummel and Lyon before. Was considering Helmsdale and Spey but all advice very welcome.
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    Catch Stats 2017
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    River Bandon 2018

    It was an incredibly dry summer but thankfully we witnessed some great sport right at the end of the season. A friend of mine put this brilliant short video together from a day where every pool we fished produced something. Enjoy!!
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    Catch Stats 2016

    The annual read Wild Salmon and Sea trout Statistics Report 2016 - Inland Fisheries Ireland
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    Salmon farm escapees run 5 river systems...

    Inland Fisheries Ireland calls for compliance and enforcement as salmon farm escapees run 5 river systems | Press releases | About us
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    The Status of Irish Salmon Stocks in 2016 with Precautionary Catch Advice for 2017

    Always an interesting read: The Status of Irish Salmon Stocks in 2016 with Precautionary Catch Advice for 2017 - Inland Fisheries Ireland
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    Salmon on the Redds, River Bandon

    Just to follow up on my previous video of trout spawning, attached is a video of salmon spawning. Not as clear as the trout video but still very happy to get some nice footage. Happy new year!!
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    Celtic Sea Trout Project Technical Report

    Celtic Sea Trout Project | Technical Report Plenty to read and digest in this!!
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    Should we revise salmon/sea trout C&R policies?

    Should we revise Irish salmon/sea trout C&R policies? Over the past couple of weeks, various fishery boards in Scotland have released their river conservation regulations. Two links, one from the Tay and the other form the Ness, are as follows: Conservation Regulations | Ness District Salmon...
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    Trout Spawning on Tributaries of the Bandon River

    Evening lads, No money shots but thought ye may enjoy the following video I've put together from watching trout spawning over the last couple of weeks. Anybody else been doing likewise??
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    Trout on Lures

    Evening lads, Thought this article about trout fishing with lures may be of interest to some. Not fly fishing but no harm in something different and it's still a lot of fun. Hope ye enjoy!!:D Current issue – Off the Scale
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    RIO Skagit iShort

    Evening lads. Searched the forum for the above line and there has been no mention of it. Absolutely looks the bees knees for early season/high water fishing with a switch rod. I have an 8 weight rod meaning I should opt for the 575 grain line which will chuck a heavy T-14 Mow tip. This will...
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    Early Salmon and Trout Spawning

    Over the past couple of years I have seen spawning commencing earlier for both trout and salmon on the river Bandon. The first trout redds I witnessed this year were on the 12th of October and yesterday I observed a pair of grilse resting beside a freshly cut redd which is the earliest I have...
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    Fish Counter Summary Report

    For those who haven't read the report yet
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    Beat Recommendation Mid April to Mid May

    Evening lads. A friend is working in Scotland at the moment and I will be going over to visit some time between now and mid May. We intend to fish the Spey. Can anyone recommend any beats for a full/half day fishing and what would be the general cost? Any advice is much appreciated.