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    Reservoir trout fishing in the NW

    Is anything of a decent size reservoir open that i can get a boat or bank fish on next week.. Thanks in advance.
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    est cast only float/hover/Intermediate 580gr£40 posted

    I have this line also the same as wormo, its been test cast, and as new with box. £40.00 regards speers
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    after seeing charlie h is fish on Bolstad I came accross some good you tube footage

    Vosso 2016 " Vossoguden og Smultringen" Laks 118cm - YouTube Fly fishing NZ - Late Season 'Southern Sojourn'. - YouTube 'It's all part of the story' Fly Fishing New Zealand. - YouTube Fly fishing New Zealand 'Erasing the winter blues' - YouTube Vosso 2016 " Vossoguden og Smultringen" Laks 118cm...
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    JACK PYKE ARGYLL SMOCK - MOSS GREEN or similar jacket

    Hi lads and lassies, I start my new ghillie job at the beginning of march and although i have loads of fishing jackets, What i am looking for is a jacket for multi purpose shooting , fishing, It has to have big pockets for keeping my hands warm and shoving nylon, some flies etc in. I see these...
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    mitten clamps

    im looking to buy a set of these and cant seem to locate the same pair MXc has. any help chaps/ lassies
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    Dinard river sutherland,

    Just been looking on line , and it appears we have had a tiny bit of rain in the hills, the forecast is looking a tad more promising, but id like to check if the rivers have had a spate out to the west of me, i.e the Dinard. I cant find a sepa station? is there one!
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    used Binoculars for stalking

    Im looking for a good pair of binoculars , happy to go with used , so long as there not to bashed up. just thought Id have a punt on here before having to go to e bay which i dislike. regards speers
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    rio outbound 8 weight trout rating

    If any body has an Rio outbound, with green running shooting line and yellow floating in an 8 weight in very good or new condition, i have money or a swap waiting I think these lines may be discontinued Know. Regards. Speers
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    far North Highlands, broadband

    hi guys and Girls, just called up B.t to change from my home address to the far north. They are still running on copper wire rather than the new upgrade, my bill will be roughly £10.0 more than what im paying now So total bill £43.00 quid. this seems expensive , i get unlimited broadband and a...
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    Shakespeare trion 11 foot

    like the other forum member I use Shakespeare rods for my single handed and switch seatrout fishing and salmon . The rods realy are superb value for the money and because im roving around in heavy undergrowth in the dark its no biggie if i snap one. However I have a favourite, the 11 foot 7...
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    drive to the far north

    we shall be driving north to fish the very top of scotland again this year. Since I want to check out the Dionard system and The Kyle of Durness and the Polla system and because we haven't been this way before we have decided to drive up the west. we are staying the previous night in Dunkeld and...
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    sealand keeper trousers.

    Im thinking of getting some sealand keeper trousers for my birthday, can other forum members provide any info on these trousers. Are they a quality piece of kit, of not very well made . Any help appreciated. thanks. speers
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    life below zero. quest channel

    any other forum members watching this show. its great to see hunting without all the p.c edeting that we would no doubt get with a u.k hunting show if ever there would be one. its a very good show on surviving in the artic.
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    big trout run what a stonker;)
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    courier service.

    which is the most reliable postel service for rods , its 125 cm so post office wont send it. its to be sent in the uk. thanks in advance. regards speers
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    centuary 14 db , danneilson reel, x flite 16

    for sale, very good condition century stealth D.B 14 foot. £300.00 rod sold pending payment as new , used twice X flite 16 foot 11 rating £120.00 as new with box Dannielson control 13 £300.00 I also Have triple d lines for the 16, and some lines for the 14 foot. Im only selling due to a...
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    River polla

    i will be up fishing in caithness, sutherland and this is one of the rivers I have not cast a line on. It looks truly spectacular especially the outflow into Loch Erribal. Could any body on the forum point me in the right direction on the fishing , permission, and whether its worth time spent...
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    preventative solution for mites, flytying bugs

    hello chappies, and ladies,, Could I have some help on the best methods of keeping my flytying stuff, fur , feathers from being eaten by silverfish, got an infestation. but also mites, moths and critters that eat expensive flytying kit.:mad: thanks in advance. speers
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    kyle of tongue mackrel

    its been very unseasonable up north this year, I am heading back up north the end of August and im lucky enough to have a beach and a tiny port /headland 2 mins from our accommodation. Do any forum members no how the mackerel have been this year, will it be worth fishing for them when I am not...
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    sage rplxi

    I am thinking of getting the above rod for seatrout, salmon and sea fishing but have never cast one . What are forum members opinions on this rod please, its a 3 section 9 foot 6 weight. all help welcome