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  1. wormo

    Other Species Caught.

    caught a 2lb flounder on a #14 invicta and a big eel on a silver Toby many years ago in the river forth at the mouth of the Allan
  2. wormo


    don't think it's fair to tar polish people or any nation with the same brush , and quite frankly embarrassing to do so they are not the reason our rivers and lochs are in the state they are in seals , febs , pollution , fish farms ate a far bigger threat than the afore mentioned
  3. wormo


    seals regularly as far up the forth as Aberfoyle ,that's a long way 40 plus miles ? not just following salmon but targeting the once thriving pike population which is now decimated
  4. wormo


    these people who think they are saving everything are doing far more harm than good they are oblivious to how a healthy ecosystem works , over protecting one species to the sacrifice of another is the real crime here
  5. wormo


    don't even get me started on this , bbc, itv and All the other media sources including Chris wwwankbag Packman and the rspb don't give a fek about fish it's all for feather and fur , pricks the lot if them 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  6. wormo

    R.I.P. Bertie Auld

    condolences to another legend passed [emoji25][emoji256][emoji256] Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  7. wormo

    yokanga parks

    park style tying with yokanga gold theme #10 nordic doubles
  8. wormo

    scotland from the sky

    cracking programme on just now bbc 1 Scotland from the sky
  9. wormo

    tweaked calvins

    a few wee calvins with a couple differences top ones green butt and mixed yellow red body bottom tied with a pink rear hackle
  10. wormo

    rio scandi head

    520gr/33.7g rio scandi floating head used a few hours at most £35 posted SOLD SOLD
  11. wormo

    A bad end to the season

    thats awful, sorry to hear that ,,RIP
  12. wormo

    Danielsson H5D 9 thirteen

    bought in the summer, seen very little use selling as I made the mistake of buying the 9/thirteen instead of the 11/ fourteen id say its an 8/9 but it is a superb bit of kit you won't need to buy another reel £250 SOLD SOLD can send pics if required as I'm at work just now
  13. wormo

    Daiwa alltmor spey

    a superb example in top condition Great powerful rods once held in great esteem it's not seen much action but casts a nice line 15ft 3 piece collection only please £150 ono
  14. wormo

    Walter smith RIP

    just heard that Walter passed away. from a die hard celtic fan condolences to his friends and family and the rangers family , football has lost a true scholar and legend of a man met him twice went out of his way to sign autographs RIP
  15. wormo

    Another Braw day

    Great pics an good to see the doggies having fun 👍
  16. wormo

    River Forth

    100% Tom, gross negligence bordering on animal cruelty , a pathetic excuse for a fishery board , stealing a wage and doing **** all 😡😡😡
  17. wormo

    Danielsson HD 9thirteen capacity?

    I totally agree I would class the reel as an 8/9 at best with just enough backing , build quality is superb but line capacity is not accurate
  18. wormo

    gopro hero6 black

    not getting used as I had planned so better off going to a new home that will will use it comes with case and a couple attachments plus head mount no charge cable but its a standard USB C £130 posted SOLD
  19. wormo

    Allan water 2021

    more chance of catching a mushroom than a salmon
  20. wormo

    Allan water 2021

    ffs you been on the salt n vinegar McCoy's again 🙈