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  1. dave1959

    Mackenzie DTX original

    I have the above rod in excellent condition that i'm thinking of selling, and wondered if any one would know how much its worth? Cheers Dave
  2. dave1959

    Mackenzie dtx g2 spey 14ft #9

    Can any one please advise what line/grains would suit this rod best, for general over head and single Spey casting? Thanks Dave
  3. dave1959

    Scierra 3 lw

    Ive just bought one of these reels 7/9 and find the drag a bit tight on its lowest setting. It does come with instructions and tools but doesnt say what they are for, but it seems to indicate its possible the drag settings. Does any one know if this is so? Its a bit difficult to explain to be...
  4. dave1959

    Rod repair

    Some years a go, i took my Orvis Big Horn Special out of its bag, only to find bubbles all over the varnish, and the full length of the rod. I tried a local rod repair service, but he wasn't prepared to take the job on and said it was caused by water damage. Can any one please confirm if this is...
  5. dave1959

    Old salmon fishing film

    A mate has been asking me about an old salmon fishing film were the presenter looked and dressed like err Alan Partridge of all people. Its cracking him up if any one can help? Cheers
  6. dave1959

    Salmon Fly Rod AFTMA Question

    Having used single numbered AFTMA fly rodsfor nigh on 30 years and still use a 12ft 9 inch 9 weight for the River Wear, i now find myself looking for a 14 footer for the North Tyne. The problem is, is that most rods seem to be numbered for 9/10 restricting my search for a new rod. Can any one...
  7. dave1959

    EA salmon consultation

    Just been released New proposed measures announced ahead of salmon consultation - GOV.UK