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  1. rodbender

    Rio SVT 10# body

    Rio Scandi versitip 10# body for 9# body I also have rio 10# 15 ft tips inter and s3
  2. rodbender

    Airflo rage compact 540 grains float ***SOLD***

    Airflo rage compact float 540 grains 31 foot excellent condition test cast only £29 posted uk
  3. rodbender

    Rio A.F.S. 8/9# float intermediate NOW SOLD

    Rio A.F.S. 8/9# 34 GRAMS 38 ft float intermediate it has been on a reel but might not have been used £25 posted UK
  4. rodbender

    Airflo Scandi compact floating 540 grains SOLD

    Airflo Scandi compact floating 540 grains 34ft test cast only £20 posted
  5. rodbender

    Rio SVT 10# body and 2 tips

    RIO SVT 10# body and 15ft inter an15ft s3 tips the body has been on a reel and has some very light marks from the running line but never fished swap for a rio 3D float/ hover/ int 34-36 gram head or another 34/36 gram quality head
  6. rodbender

    Looks like the season is over

    Clyde at Mauldslie bridge
  7. rodbender

    One on a trout lure

    Tried something different today and it worked "more luck than skill :unsure:
  8. rodbender

    Gaelforce 9/10 EMT 40 GRAMS 40FT SOLD

    Gaelforce Multi tip 9/10 40gram 40ft head with 5 tips in good condition no nicks or cracks some slight felt tip marks on head very slight no box or spool £65 posted UK only
  9. rodbender

    Hardy Zephrus 14`6 9/10 as new NOW SOLD

    Hardy Zephrus 14`6 9/10 test cast for 1 hour then I realized too much of a rod for me, I should have bought the 13`6, absolute mint condition unregistered warranty asking £450 collected or £465 posted U.K. ROD NOW SOLD thanks for the interest
  10. rodbender

    Maxcatch V-Spey 14 ft 9/10

    Maxcatch V-Spey 14ft 9/10 wt nicknamed the "Hong Kong Fooey" £40 collected from Motherwell
  11. rodbender

    Hong Kong Fooey rod broke in

    Thanks to mc andy for netting them would have struggled on my own
  12. rodbender

    Extension butt

    Looking for an extension butt with a 3/8 BSF thread
  13. rodbender

    Airflo 40+ extreme-wf8f floating *SOLD*

    In good condition no nicks or splits £22 posted
  14. rodbender

    Hardy Hydra 4 3/8"

    Hardy Hydra 4 3/8" vintage fly reel with backing, the brass foot has been shortened to fit modern reel seats. Swap for 7/8 trout reel
  15. rodbender

    Hardy Hydra 4 3/8 vintage salmon fly reel

    A good solid old Hardy Hydra with backing, the foot has been shortened to fit modern rods £55 posted
  16. rodbender

    Gaelforce EIHH integrated hover 42 grams SOLD

    Gaelforce integrated hover head 40 ft 42 grams 11# in great condition £45 posted
  17. rodbender

    Broken Oracle scandi 14`9

    Just bought and picked this rod up yesterday and went out to try it today, first cast and the second section from the top snapped in the middle I am contacting the shop tomorrow and asking for a refund as I don`t want a replacement I have lost faith! I have the 12`9 skagit rod and not had any...
  18. rodbender

    Vision Mag 14FT 9/10# ***SOLD***

    Vision Mag 14ft 9/10 in excellent condition £185 posted UK