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  1. keirstream

    Pupdates----2 Sisters Reunion.

    Day 2 and already I have a lodger due to Central Heating works, both banished to the pen for riotous behaviour and terrorising Breagha, who appears quite happy they are now safely locked up.:D Still having a boxing match which stopped abruptly for refreshments. Started again now though.:ROFLMAO:
  2. keirstream

    Pupdates-----Sitting To Attention.

    Picked up Bonnie yesterday evening and spent a chaotic few hours as the house descended into mayhem with her and Breagha giving it big licks.:D Today she is responding to a bit of discipline long enough for a typical Spaniel looking deep into your eyes pose.:cool:
  3. keirstream

    Sunday On Ben Ledi

    Decided on a wee filler on the road home today so a quick sprint to the top in 1 hour 10 minutes was just the job. Bitter cold again with icing on the path made it interesting enough. :cool:
  4. keirstream

    Saturday on the Wee Buchaille

    The weather was brutal on the summit ridge and on the top. I was blown off my feet 3 times and with hail and sleet ripping into your cheeks like machine gun fire it was decided that the rest of the walk to the Big Buchaille was not really going to be and enjoyable experience.:eek::eek: A hasty...
  5. keirstream

    R.I.P. Bertie Auld

    Bertie was one of the greatest footballing sons ever produced in Scotland. A true great, full of fun and not an ounce of badness in his entire body. He was above bigotry, he hated it, and destroyed any of these boundaries any time he encountered it.:) My favourite story of his was when he was in...
  6. keirstream

    Pupdates----Other Contenders.

    Some of Bonnie's brothers and sister. :D Beautiful pups from a beautiful mum.:love::love:
  7. keirstream

    Pupdates----The Prequel. Choosing The Pup.

    After taming Breagha and losing 4 stones in the process, I have decided to subject myself to another round of breaking in a Cocker Spaniel.:eek::eek: 1st round this afternoon and I left reasonably unscathed, but I guess the scars will follow in due course.;);) One picture of Breagha and her...
  8. keirstream

    My Great Pal

    Me and my great pal Dennis Canavan at our mutual great friend and political motivator Henry Dawson's funeral today. We reminisced over our trials, tribulations and fun together, all 3 of us during the 1974 election trail and beyond. :cool: We weeped for the 4 children he lost.:( What a great...
  9. keirstream

    A Hill Bothy.

    Braw day on the hills today. Moruisg and Sgurr Nan Ceannaichain. Now the bothy night. 😉
  10. keirstream

    Another Hard Gig on the Teith

    Enjoying a glass or 2 of wine after another morning of seeing nothing moving in any of the pools. This ould fellow obliged though. Mibees a big run dropping back? 🤣 🤣
  11. keirstream

    Disillusioned From Stirling

    I thought as a wee November birthday treat I would have a day or 2 on a beat with more than an even chance of bending the rod. The thread header tells you my findings.:( With rents of up to £200 for a day's fishing, I struggled to find a beat that had any higher than a 5 year average of 10 for...
  12. keirstream

    New Pup

    After having the delightful experience of owning my `1st Cocker pup, Breagha, now 9 months and a bit old, I've decided to take the plunge on another Working Cocker from Breagha's older sister's 1st litter. I have the pick of the litter, but a bit too early to choose maybe???:D:D
  13. keirstream

    A Sair Heid And A Few Fish

  14. keirstream

    Hope and Kinloch

    I have 2 rods available to join my party on the Hope and Kinloch 2nd week of August next season. This is a fabulous system staying in a wonderful lodge with full 5* chef and staff laid on. This may be of particular interest to anyone who wants to bag a stag as there are 2 stalking days in the...
  15. keirstream

    A Few Fish From Today

    Some river fish active on the wee rise of water this week on home ground. Very nice to fish the river with water that has not seen a rise since March apart from a small rise early August.(y) These fish must have crept up over stones over the past few weeks.:unsure: The one that got away however...
  16. keirstream

    Pupdates---With The Twin Sister.

    Breagha is 9 months old now and settling down a bit. Or--at least she was doing so until her twin sister came to stay for a fortnight. Result? Mayhem of course. 2 very happy pups together makes for quite an interesting experience.:D:D Modelling her new winter coat as well
  17. keirstream

    Pupdates------The Hill

    After a full week of running endlessly every day on the Conon and sitting patiently at every pool waiting for the rod to bend, the wee pup has grown up. At the tender age of (nearly) 20 weeks she is doing everything right and has enjoyed a life so far that most pups can only dream about. I met a...
  18. keirstream

    Pupdate-----On The Cree

    A couple of days on Linloskin where Breagha decided to be on her worst behaviour, deciding that recall was just a big game to be ignored and stealing a toilet roll from the chalet accomodation, all while Jamie (Linloskin on here) was watching her.:D Linloskin is a beautiful beat, well impressed...
  19. keirstream

    Pupdates-----Dad, I'm Growing Up!!!!!

    Every day now I see a change in the wee dog, 2.7kg at 1st vaccination @ 8 weeks old, now, at 15 weeks she weighs 6.2kg and her legs are stretching somewhat. Now, its just about possible to get her to sit still for a pic.:cool: Still finds plenty time for a carry on though.:D
  20. keirstream

    Gaelforce Website

    I've been proof reading text and so forth prior to the launch of the new website for James which is now live. This morning he sent a compilation video to critique and I have to say it is immense.:eek: It is meant to show the "backbone" of the Gaelforce range of rods and, without giving anything...