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    Line recommendations

    If you can find them as they are no longer made you could do worse than using Airflo Scandi Compacts.
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    Travel Rods for Norway

    Look for secondhand Guideline Lxi's. I just about have the lot and never paid any more than £260 for any of them.
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    Vision onki or tool?

    I have tried both and the Tool is the better option.
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    Guideline lxi 12ft9in 8/9

    Awesome rod especially when matched with an Airflo Scandi Short 540 grain line.
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    Loomis and franklin switch rod 11 foot 7 weight (Line recommendations)

    Hi All Anyone with ideas on grain weight/gram weights for the above rod. Many thanks
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    Upgrade 13' 6" #8/9 - recommendations?

    I have a few T&T's but not that one. 2 x 14ft 9wt and 1 x 15ft 10/11wt 5 piece. What model is the one that you have?
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    Lxi Tpac feed back

    Super rods, I have 3 of them and can't, find any faults with them, super with Airflo Scandi compacts and any other lines for that matter. Managed to pick up mine all second hand.
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    Upgrade 13' 6" #8/9 - recommendations?

    Try a 13ft 9 Guideline LXI in 4 or 6 pieces. Secondhand between £220 - 260.
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    Lamson Litespeed 3.5 Reel or preferably Frame

    Hi Anyone out there knows where any of the above can be sourced. Regards
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    In general, I have found that the cheaper running lines have too much stretch in them, can you advise if that's the case with the ones from Maxcatch.
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    Airflo Scandi Compact Shooting Head 540

    Hi All Anybody out there got one of these that they want to offload? Tia
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    Gallegos special #2 switch

    Fished the Gallegos 4 times and this would be a really nice rod for the more braidy stretches, have to say tho, I would want to gun up a bit more for the real monsters the river produces.
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    Salmon fishing in the rest of the EU.

    I have fished for many years in Northern Spain in the Rio Narcea and Nalon if that helps?
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    Maxcatch Skagit Shooting Head

    Anybody out there tried any of these lines. I know they're cheap but even a blind pig can find an acorn sometimes.
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    Bent handle

    I lopped the bent handle off mine.
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    14 footer 9/10 - Guideline lpxe or Vision tool

    I have three of the Vision Tools and couldn't recommend them highly enough, and as you say they have a tremendous grain range. Never tried the LPXE though.
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    Salmon Fishing Recommendations in October

    Hi All, Anybody got any good suggestions for a reasonably priced weeks fishing(preferably Scotland) in October for 3 rods. Regards Steve
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    Maxcatch Classic Reel

    I got one of these reels but from a different supplier( from memory £45) my only issues were the screws securing the reel foot are placed underneath and not on top. Loctite/superglue fixed that. On balance a very good reel for the price. Goes well switch - 13 ft rods. Steve
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    Korker soles

    Before retiring them why not give something like this a go.
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    Removing Zpey handle

    Glad it all worked out well in the end.