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  1. natthargreaves

    Flies for early August

    Hi all I have an invite to the Ardoe beat in early August and was wondering if any of you locals can reccomend some fly patterns I will be taking allys shrimp /cascade /stotes tail etc but would like a little more ammunition Any help gratefully received
  2. natthargreaves


    please could someone send me a link to the forum app I have been overseas for a couple of years and changed my phone a few times since I was last on
  3. natthargreaves

    Salmon Demise

    Just posted this link on the Ribble thread Salmon Confidential Documentary 2013 British Columbia - YouTube thought it was a strong enough reason to provoke a debate on the general forum.It is well worth watching Natt
  4. natthargreaves

    Salmon Losing Distinct Genetics

    Hi to all on the Forum I was reading a very interesting artical on the BBC feed website with regards to the degeneration of salmon genetics .I was wondering what some anglers that have salmon fished for decades thought. please read hope...
  5. natthargreaves

    Greys grxi spin 11' 4 piece travel rod

    Hi Guys I am in the market for a new spinning rod my partridge gave up the ghost two weeks ago.I have done a little research and the GRXI 11ft travel rod seams to fit my needs.Just wondering if any one has owned or tested one.Any comments good or bad would be helpfull tight lines Natt
  6. natthargreaves

    Rio i line

    Hi Has anyone tried the new Rio i line I have heard good things about it I know it may be more for single handers but I think it may also go well with my 8 wt 12 ft or 9wt 13 ft as well any comments welcome Natt
  7. natthargreaves

    rio shooting head

    Hi I am thinking of getting a Rio AFS shooting head 8/9 for my 13 ft hardy sirrus. I got a rio AFS 39g for my 15 ft slate spx and it works a dream just wondering if any one has tried the 34g on a nine wt 13 ft any feedback would be welcome Thanks Natt:rolleyes:
  8. natthargreaves

    What Shooting Head

    Hi Guys and Girls I have just got a Rio shooting head line for my slate SPX 15 footer and it is a great line to cast,boath at distance and shorter range.Infact I enjoy it so much I am thinking of getting one for my single hander. I have a 10 ft 7wt sage fly and a 9ft6 Z axis 7wt so my question...
  9. natthargreaves

    New to tying

    Hi to all as the title suggests I am new to tying and am having trouble tying hackle on to shrimp type flys size 10 -12 please could someone reccomend a hackle and a method for a novis thanks all natt
  10. natthargreaves

    Slate SPX

    Hi all I have had a disaster with my 15 ft 10-11 wt Slate spx the but section has snapped just below the ferral.I have been told by Glasgow Angling centre that Slat has gone bust.Dose anyone have a spare rod or but section they would be willing to sell or any suggestions as to any one with old...
  11. natthargreaves

    Fly patterns for early June

    Hi All I have a weeks fishing at Taymount starting 1st June I have all the usual fly patterns but could any one recomend something that has worked for them in the past or any general advice for that beat. Regards Natt Hargreaves
  12. natthargreaves

    slate rods

    Hi All I am new to the forum.I have a slate spx 15ft 11wt salmon rod and use a snowbee spey line 2d but when trying to shoot the running line for distance i tend to get alot of tip bounce.But for casting the length of the main line its fine.Is ther a line out there that will allow me to get a...