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  1. Junior fisher2001


    How can i block other forum members from liking or disliking posts and is they any way to block a member from posting in a post/thread.And would this also block them from sending PMs? help is needed please.
  2. Junior fisher2001

    two from few days ago

    Here's another two from a few days back. River ??????
  3. Junior fisher2001

    Barbel on the Fly (Wear)

    The old feller caught this last week i forgot to post it for him,fishing the fly at night using floater line intermediate tip,with a 10# purple shrimp pattern- i know now he wasn't expecting this to take the flee. Estimation 12lbs maybe.Was a fat and very chunky fish.
  4. Junior fisher2001


    Hello im new to salmon fishing and hoping to catch my first ever fish this season,once collage is over with !