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    Hardy Zephrus 12’6 7/8 vs Gaelforce Equalizer ESSS 33ft ?

    Anyone using the Zephrus and the integrated (short version) Equalizer ESSS Switch/short Spey Float combination ? Personally I am thinking that I should choose the 8/9 version instead of 7/8….? I handles slightly heavier lines than I thought when I bought it… This is my references so far.. Rio...
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    Hardy Zephrus 15’1

    Looking for the 15’1 Zephrus Sintrix 10/11. PM with price and pictures. The Price I am willing to pay depends on the rod’s condition.
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    SOLD LTS Across II 13' #7/9

    This nice little rod is "looking for a new home". In very good condition and not used much. I can send more pictures if needed. Price 300 £ POSTED to UK.
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    Hardy Fortuna XDS

    Hi I am looking for remarks/reviews regarding the 10000 and/or the 8000 I am considering a 10000 for salmonfishing 13’6 rod 8/9. But maybe it is too large... Anyone with thoughts about these reels...?
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    Hardy Zephrus Sintrix 13’6 #8/9

    I am looking for this rod in excellent condition. Please PM if you have a rod and want to sell it.
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    LTS Across II 13' 8/9/10. Now Sold !

    The new version (II) The rod is lightly used. 10 days I would think. Ofcourse included tube. The rod works (for me) with Rio Versitip #9, Nextcast SF40 9/10, LTS SCSS 9/10, Guideline 3D 38g ....etc. Price GBP 350 including post to UK ! NEW price 325 GBP ! PM if interested.
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    Hardy Zephrus 13'6 #8/9

    Hello Hopefully some of you know this rod well - I need some advice regarding lines.... From what I have found out so far (have not tried the rod yet) the rod is a bit underclassed. So 8/9 - is more a 9/10 in numbers..? Normally to me 8/9 will be in the range 30-35 grams. But from what I have...
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    LTS Across II. 15’ #10-12

    The new version (II) Pictures can be sent. The rod is only used a few days. Ofcourse included tube. Price £ 250 + post Unfortunately my trips to Scotland will not take place in 2020 due to the Corona Covid-19...(maybe/Hopefully a chance in September) otherwise delivery in Aberdeenshire or...
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    Loop Opti Strike reel

    Looking for a Opti Strike reel - in very good condition. Prefer RHW (but LHW will be okay - as I will just change the retrieve). PM please. Pick-up in Spey/Dee area can be arranged…...
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    LTS Explosive 14’6 #10 (10/11) 4 pc

    LTS Explosive 14’6 #10 (10/11) 4 pc SOLD ROD SOLD ! Very lightly used and in top condition (only used 2 days). Pictures will be sent to interested but it is in perfect condition. Ofcourse including rodtube. Notice that it is in the nice BLACK version (not the yellow/mustard colour). Price...
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    Gaelforce Hoover

    Anyone using this with the integrated shootingline? Any comments ? Is it good or “just another line”? Which tips do you use on it ? I am not Happy about the integrated runningline (difficult changing heads..then) but maybe the positive things overrule this..... Thanks in advance ! :-)
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    Hardy Rocket Multi tip

    Hi Anyone tried these? The concept looks good and the price okey. Maybe Frodin has had his influence on the development ?
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    Abel Super 12

    Hi Looking for a Super 12 (not 12W, not 10 and not 11/12n ;-) ). Only interested in Black version and double click - but maybe some nice coloured versions could be accepted. PM if you have one for sale with price and picture please..... (set for RHW preferred - but can be changed so okay...
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    Salar doubles vs Patriot doubles

    Hi I use both types (still have some salars left ;-) ) - been using Salars for years - and now trying to "adabt" to Patriots. But I do find that the eye on the Patriots is not the best for "holding" a turtle knot. Salars are great for that - the eye-shape is much better... Anyone have the...
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    Hardy Perfect ( 4 1/4)

    Hello I am thinking of buying a perfect. Instead of buying on of the old ones (first choice) I am looking at the new ones. Can anyone please give me some information about the new ones... 1) Are they made in UK ? 2) Are they made in Alnwick (the "old Hardy place") ? 3) From what I...
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    CND BV GT 15' 9-11 (B&W Norway Speycaster 16' 9/10)

    Hello Anyone tried the CND Bias Versa GT 15' line 9-11 ? I am thinking of buying one mainly for sunkline work on Scandinavian (Norway) rivers - and even maybe early spring in Scotland. Maybe a less priced B & W Norway Speycaster in 16' 9/10 could be in my thoughts - but at first hand I think...
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    Zpey Fusion Compact II Float/sink5

    I am looking for this head from Zpey. I need it in 27 gram or 30 gram (or both ;-) )
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    Fly Fishing

    Sorry maybe the wrong place to put this - but hopefully it is okay to post it in "other tackle" Does anyone know this shop from Devon ? Are they okay to deal with ? Have they been in the business for years ? Any info will be appreciated....
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    Loomis GLX Classic 15' 10/11

    I am selling this classic Salmon rod. Only used very lightly and in good condition. Pictures may be sent on request. PM your phone number and I will send pictures. Tube and cloth bag ofcourse included. Price: 350 £ plus postage.
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    Bucktail in Hot Orange ! Where to buy ?

    Hi I'm looking for bucktail in HOT orange to use for Willie Gunn's. Not pale orange (what I mostly see) and not red - but between that. I cannot find a hot orange bucktail in a very good quality. Looking forward ..... ;-)