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  1. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    I fish a Sage TCX 7126 and a Sage Method 8126 on medium sized Atlantic salmon rivers in the uk. I greatly enjoy being in the river environment and speycasting though I am not often successful in catching. Do I need an Igniter?
  2. pond.olive

    Mature sea trout colour

    Guys, I need some info from more experienced fishers than myself: When a sea Seatrout has been in the river a long time, does it then begin to look like a brownie with spots, or does it do the salmon thing and go red and black? i took a spotty one this morning which was very much bigger than...
  3. pond.olive

    Lamson Radius

    I have a Lamson Radius bought some time ago which is not fitted with a click gadget. I assume it would be of plastic construction, as the larger Lamsons. I am wondering if I might be able to fabricate one if I knew the dimensions. Can someone please photograph one for me, or tell me where one...
  4. pond.olive

    Poly leaders

    Can anyone compare Airflo and Rio poly leaders? Are they any different in their ability to turn flies over?
  5. pond.olive

    Dating a Perfect

    Guys, Can someone advise on the year that Hardy Perfects were first fitted with modern short reel feet? I am thinking of the larger Perfects, of course. TL, Richard
  6. pond.olive

    Advice appreciated.....

    Guys, I am experiencing some lower back spinal muscle spasms, some of which hurt, none of which are very nice. Has anyone experienced this problem and can anyone provide advice as to how to cope with them, please? TL Richard
  7. pond.olive

    Newly announced Orvis reel

    Large Arbor Fly Reel / Hydros® SL Fly Reels -- Orvis UK This looks to be good value at £195. Can't see if the drag is waterproof though. TL Richard
  8. pond.olive


    Dess blog is offering half price fishing. See their blog.
  9. pond.olive

    AFS 6/7 head wanted

    Rio AFS head only wanted. Please pm me if you have one you do not need. TL Richard
  10. pond.olive


    Several recent posts to the Spey Pages indicate that Sage is changing to direct to angler sales in 2016. I hope that this means that prices will fall!
  11. pond.olive

    Late Dee availability on Ardoe & Murtle

    A friend has a three rod week he cannot make for wk beginning March 8th. If anyone is interested, please pm me and I will put you in touch. TL Richard
  12. pond.olive

    MacWet gloves, oddly named?

    I've been using a pair of MacWet gloves this winter and thought to ask you guys if any of you have tried them? I found that they increased grip without increasing effort but that they were not much good at keeping hands warm, particularly in wet weather. They are good driving gloves, again...
  13. pond.olive

    Hardy 60's Perfect 4".

    Hardy 60's Perfect 4 inch I need to source a replacement nickel silver line guide and a check tension adjustment screw. I would be grateful for any suggestions. TL Richard
  14. pond.olive

    Nomads of the Tides

    I have just unpacked my Christmas present to myself. It is Nomads of the Tides by Chris McCully and Ken Whelan. A first flick through shows it to be a monumental tome of almost 500 pages and I can't wait to get into it. Over the years, I have visited Ireland many times to study the wild...
  15. pond.olive

    Santander salmon?

    Does anyone know if there are any rivers with a salmon run in Northern Spain? TL Richard
  16. pond.olive

    To iPad users, a heads up!

    I usually follow instruction to download programme updates. They usually deal with security issues and this mornings Update from Apple said that the recommended update would do exactly this. Whoa! When the update seemed to be taking quite a long time to download I smelt a rat. When I was...
  17. pond.olive

    Does anyone know...

    Where to buy isopropyl alcohol, sometimes called rubbing alcohol, and used to detect leaks in waders?.? Neither Boots nor Lloyds can help. TL Richard
  18. pond.olive

    Hardy Cascapedia problem

    My Cascapedia 8/9 drag seems to unset itself. Actually the drag seems to increase over time. I have had it serviced by Hardy but the problem is now worse, some months later, and will not take a light setting. I am reluctant to take the reel apart to try to see what is happening but feel that...
  19. pond.olive

    Lamson spares

    Can anyone point me to a source of Lamson 4 spring clickers? TL Richard
  20. pond.olive

    Gt video

    This is a great video of steelheading I picked up on Speypages. A Steelhead Family - Official HD video 3.1 on Vimeo TL Richard