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  1. Junior fisher2001

    River Tees 2018

    weirs Image 1 in my fotos is down from sockburn, down from girsby bridge,image 2 is Low dinsdale Yarm aisalby back road as seen by the bend in the image? i didnt know about the other weir inbetween girsby and over dinsdale (fish locks) infact chris my dad has sent that to you before via...
  2. Junior fisher2001

    River Tees 2018

    Weir Having looked again in wiki-mapia it is down from Sockburn hall and down from the bridge at the bottom of Girsby bank,above Low Dinsdale bridge. That run on the left bank you are on about doesn't hold any Sea Trout or Salmon in low water,but if you walk slightly up stream from the...
  3. Junior fisher2001


    How can i block other forum members from liking or disliking posts and is they any way to block a member from posting in a post/thread.And would this also block them from sending PMs? help is needed please.
  4. Junior fisher2001

    two from few days ago

    Here's another two from a few days back. River ??????
  5. Junior fisher2001

    Barbel on the Fly (Wear)

    The old feller caught this last week i forgot to post it for him,fishing the fly at night using floater line intermediate tip,with a 10# purple shrimp pattern- i know now he wasn't expecting this to take the flee. Estimation 12lbs maybe.Was a fat and very chunky fish.
  6. Junior fisher2001

    River Tees 2018

    Salmon One for the 'Old Feller' this after noon,Salmon around 10-12Lbs,as dad was returning the fish a lad next to him also managed to make a catch a Salmon about 15lbs,dad landed it for him as he had no landing net,dad also had a small ST about 2 Lbs which also went back where it belongs, He...
  7. Junior fisher2001

    River Tees 2018

    Nrk tv direkte (norway) They is a series on NRK tv Norway at the minute all about Salmon-fishing and aquaculture. The only problem is that Virgin media and BT have blocked it from entering the uk as it is a online catch up service. So to get around that use VPN or manually set a proxy address...
  8. Junior fisher2001

    River Tees 2018

    in response Sorry to have come across the wrong way,but it was in response to what IAN ALEX said about my dad. So that is why i written what i did,and of course it's fine for anyone to fish anywhere at any time of the year,but in that paragraph i written it does explain or half explain why...
  9. Junior fisher2001

    Advice Buying New Computer /Laptop / Tablet

    OS Not too long i had some spare time earlier on and after seeing the post i thought i would give it my best shot. Linux Mint is the better one to start with. Here is a few examples of linux First linux mint diff looks there is 3 examples of how mint can look,it has many more...
  10. Junior fisher2001

    Advice Buying New Computer /Laptop / Tablet

    What pc What pc well what have you got now and why is it not booting up? is it windows or mac? windows?????? yes? So either format the whole PC and re install windows that should be enough to do it IF all the hardware is working,yer may have sticky ram in which case a swap of ram will be...
  11. Junior fisher2001

    Wear sea trout

    Wear Sea trout Hope you don't mind me jumping in the post with a piccy, but here's my first of the season from Durham last week with pops-about 3-4lbs or there abouts.I was over the moon to catch something-at last. Lots of fish were showing or at least i thought they was lots.Free section...
  12. Junior fisher2001


    Hello im new to salmon fishing and hoping to catch my first ever fish this season,once collage is over with !