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    Murray Walker RIP

    Got the chequered flag after 97 laps, bummer
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    Now I really feel old.

    Son of mine and his partner have just made me a grandad. Girl, all doing fine, did not quite make a salmon but a decent grilse at 9lb 7oz.
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    Hello again

    Not exactly a new member, just getting back after a year or so away. Health up and down but better now(ish) thought I`d return to annoy you again :thumb:
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    Need a wee bit more drag ??

    This arrived with me for a client yesterday. Waiting on the blank and butt to knock up the 130 unlimited rod to match it. As the largest production reel in the world it`s probably a bit of an overkill for bass or mullet but these days you never know. 2,250 yds of 130lb mono and capable of drag...
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    From a wee while back

    Just remembered this pic. from about 4 years ago had just netted this for my good mate Munro. No decent scales and no tape so we gave it between 15 - 18lb. (Tay) and released just fine.
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    Parcelforce ( parcelfarce)

    That clod of a mate of mine who runs a tackle shop in Fuerteventura was messing around with Everol roller guides and managed to lose a screw into the deep blue sea. Anyway I`ve got spares so went to post office today. The screw measures about 5mm long and the diameter of a matchstick. Stuck it...
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    Cork & filler

    With the recent wee thread on cork grips, adhesive and grade of cork etc I just thought this might be of interest to some. Obviously we all know that cork is a natural product and the best available these days still comes from Portugal where the bark is harvested every 9 years, treated...
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    Poor build quality on top end ??? rod

    See this all the time on, so called, top end rods and say nothing but this one is so shocking it deserves a mention. Stripping the foregrip from a salmon rod can be a pain and time consuming so as not to damage the blank. Had my suspicions on this one as the first few inches fell away with...
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    15ft Lorhic (new)

    Sadly I doubt if this one will ever be used. Built it for my own use earlier this year with Tay in mind but work and then health and a bum shoulder put a blocker on it. Brand new and up for sale. I`ll be sticking to smaller rivers this year and I`ve got the rods to suit them. Built on a black...
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    Generation of idiots

    Is it just me or have we really bred a generation of totally clueless clowns and idiots in the past 25 years. They need led by the hand for almost everything unless they can google it, thick as mince for many practical things (nose always in mobiles), need ******` stupid sat navs to find...
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    Hope Alan does not mind this being posted, trust me it is not advertising, at my age I want less work, not more. Anyway it was first done for my rod building "apprentices" on sea fishing forums who all seemed to have trouble going over a long area with resin. Anyway if Alan allows it fine...
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    Ballachie 25/5/13

    Had a day on Ballachie yesterday with Jim Cunnigham and my mate Munro. Water was crystal clear, bright sun, no clouds so started a bit dubious at the back of the mind. Just more proof that very few salmon read magazines or view forums. Munro has some pics but he is on holiday for a few days...
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    Who needs fancy gear?

    Might be old but it is doing exactly what it is meant to do (the rod that is old, not the angler) Greenheart Rod - YouTube
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    Brave men RNLI

    I know most of you are salmon anglers but a fair bet many of you do go or have been on the sea. When it all goes wrong, (possibly through no fault of yours) then these guys are there. Just when you thought they were all alone 40 miles off Peterhead, the big stuff arrives, Fishery Protection...
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    Deer crossing

    May well be an old one but nicked this from another forum, sounds at her age that she should still be able to breed :(:(:(:(:( Please Move The Deer Crossing - YouTube Earphones or speakers, it is for real , sheesh!!!!!!!
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    For Gary Mclellan

    Gary, your pm`s are switched off or full, gear is here :cool:
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    Hello there

    Kept getting told about this forum by anglers I meet so thought I`d drop in and say hello. Been fishing salmon for around 55 years now and get lucky now and then. Been away from it for about a year due to injury back fighting fit again, hope to catch up on whats new (mind you I`m a dinosaur)...