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    Intruder patterns for Spring Salmon

    April also does a really neat stacker system. You basically tie a tube with a front or rear station and then stack the tubes together on your nylon to form the larger fly. I have tied some tungsten cones on tube liners so I can add weight when I want to. Really clever lassie :) Euan
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    Intruder patterns for Spring Salmon

    Mick, The marabou, deer hair etc I already had from trout flies, so the main expense was the Ostrich and the Rhea which aren't really that bad. Rhea is around £9 a packet, ostrich around £4. Sean Stanton at Welcome / will sort you out with all you need. They are not cheap and...
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    Intruder patterns for Spring Salmon

    Found a picture that I sent to a mate. I use Guideline tube singles for all of them, usually fairly small and light. Euan
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    Lower Beauly

    Every year I find myself up in the Highlands for my mates birthday and this year was no different. We managed to get two days on the Lower Beauly for less money than normal, with the Friday on the Falls Beat and Saturday on the Home beat. I had fished Falls last year in a heatwave with lots of...
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    Skagit confusion

    I have been through pretty much everything on here about Skagits but I am still a bit unsure about which weight compared to Spey and Scandi lines. I have a Greys XF2S 12' #7 and I have come to realise that the #7 is pretty meaningless because line manufacturers #7 can have huge variations. The...
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    After what I can only describe as a very frustrating and fishless year I finally came up with the goods last Friday. This year I have fished the Deveron, the South Esk, the Dee, the Upper Beauly and Ness Side all without any luck. Some of those days were waterless and some were too sunny and...
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    Esk District Salmon Fishery Board AGM

    The Esk District Salmon Fishery Board AGM is this Thursday 30th June in the Northern Hotel in Brechin at 18:30. Any one on here going ? Euan
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    Singles for salmon

    So after way too long I finally got round to tying a fly on an Osprey single for this thread. I do love a Blue Charm, especially with a wee tweek like this one. The hook is a #6 Veniard Osprey VH153. The straight eye is not everyones taste but the fish don't seem to mind. And this one on my...
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    South Esk

    Had a run down to Cortachy Castle last Saturday, probably knowing that there wasn't enough water to have any success but just happy to be out. It was my first time on the beat so I was really curious to see what it looked like in low water so that I could fish it properly when the water came up...
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    Singles for salmon

    I love a good single hook! I have tried most of the ones on the market that don't look like a circle, but the ones that I like best come from Veniard. Osprey VH153 Stainless Saltwater | Veniard Osprey Hooks | Veniard Fly Tying Wilky Shrimps, Willie Gunns, Vivians and my own old favourite...
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    Where on the Deveron?

    Hi all, I have a couple of weeks off at the end of May as part of my annual Springer-a-thon and since the Dee is still a bit to expensive I fancy a chuck on the Deveron. So what I need to know is, where is good around the 20th of May? I have checked the fishing the Deveron website and I can see...
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    Doggy Photo's

    Love the video MIK. It always amazes me how strong a wee dog can be and the thrawn determination is the best feature of a proper terrier. Here's my two Lexie on the left is a soft wee dug until the real Patt kicks in. Aeryn on the right loves everyone but can be a proper terrier too ;) Both...
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    Loch Garry/ River Garry

    Go for it! I had a very memorable day with a mate of mine last May (22nd I think) and we had four springers for the day. Fish were heading and tailing off Loch Oich and straight in to the Garry. The mouth is fed by a seperate Hydro flow than the main river so even if the river is low fun can be...
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    More than you can chew!

    On my regular Sunday walk down the Stracathro beat on the Northie I came across this sight. I'm thinking that it might have been a bit ambitious! So the troot had the last laugh And once we got the troot oot I'm thinking the goosander must have been on crack to try this. It must have been...
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    Pert Camera

    Took my dogs for a wee wander down to the Stracathro beat yesterday just to see if the hut was still there. The tide mark in the fields was just incredible and I wasn't sure that the hut would have survived. The hut is away in the middle distance and the river is way off to the left...
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    Long leaders and sinking tips

    The article in last months Trout and Salmon on using 15'+ tapered leaders with a 10' Versitip has me intrigued. I can see why a small fly would flicker enticingly and add life in the stream but surely the fly would not achieve the depth that you are aiming for. However, the amount of rocky...
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    Southie help

    With the season running out I have reached a quiet spell at work and would like a day on something more local than I am used to fishing (way up North). Can anyone tell me anything about Kinnaird lower and Powmouth and House of Dun water? I have had to leave this until the last minute so I missed...
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    Happy birthday to me!

    Fifth trip to the Dee this year and BINGO! Despite the rain the river was just right and it felt fishy. Sure enough, around 8 o'clock the line tightened and this beauty came out to play. Lovely scrap and a quick recovery and we both went on our way. That is my first Dee salmon in a very long...
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    Hello from the North East of Scotland

    Hello everyone from Angus, about a mile away from the North Esk. Not fished the Esk yet but am well familier with the Dee having fished it a lot in the late nineties when I ran Murrays Tackle and Guns shop in Banchory. Work and finances stopped the search for Salar for a long time but better...