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    Loomis and franklin switch rod 11 foot 7 weight (Line recommendations)

    Hi All Anyone with ideas on grain weight/gram weights for the above rod. Many thanks
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    Lamson Litespeed 3.5 Reel or preferably Frame

    Hi Anyone out there knows where any of the above can be sourced. Regards
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    Airflo Scandi Compact Shooting Head 540

    Hi All Anybody out there got one of these that they want to offload? Tia
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    Maxcatch Skagit Shooting Head

    Anybody out there tried any of these lines. I know they're cheap but even a blind pig can find an acorn sometimes.
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    Salmon Fishing Recommendations in October

    Hi All, Anybody got any good suggestions for a reasonably priced weeks fishing(preferably Scotland) in October for 3 rods. Regards Steve
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    River Fusta - Norway

    Hi All Anyone out there got any information on the river Fusta in Norway. My understanding is it is a tributary of the river Vesfna. Grateful for any pointers. Regards Steve
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    River Vefsna - Norway

    Hi All Anyone with any tips or experience of fishing the Vefsna, any contributions welcome. Regards Steve
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    Salmon Fishing on the River Taw

    Hi All Any tips or advice on fishing the river Taw? I'm off to the river in late May so any advice on flies tackle etc would be greatly appreciated. Snakeroll
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    Suitable 8wt Switch line for 11. 5 ft Jaxon Monolith XT Switch

    Hi All I've just picked up a cheap 11.5 ft 8wt switch rod. I have been surfing the net for a suitable line to match, and it seems that the Lee Wulff Ambush is highly thought of. Just keen not to spend a fortune on lines in order to find the right one. Any help greatly appreciated.