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  1. pond.olive

    Thoughts on a 7 wt

    As suggested, a Sage Method is my choice, but a Sage TCX 7126 Deathstar would be also a good choice. Should be able to find one.
  2. pond.olive

    Different strains of salmon running the same system?

    The South Tyne enjoys some small numbers of fish that are very deep bodied and it is said that they represent a fish population from aeons ago. I have taken two such fish, both pre summer runners. I am unsure if the folk memory of deep bodied fish refers to wild fish or fish stocked early in...
  3. pond.olive

    Loop Cross S1 13ft

    I find that this rod is pretty versatile for me, it just depends if you need to feel the bend.
  4. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    The 8125 Method cast well with scandi lines 7,8 and 9, possibly best with 9. Depends on how much bend you need to put into it to get ”the feel”.
  5. pond.olive

    Matching reel for Sage Method 8126-4

    Many of today’s reels are made without enough weight to properly balance many rods.
  6. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    No one, really?
  7. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    It’s quite interesting that Sage do not tell us what material is in their rods, or at least I have never noted it.
  8. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    Has anyone compared the Igniter with a similar 7X?
  9. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    My experience is that most Sages go better when overlined.
  10. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    I can certainly get that sorted, my son in law being in bomb disposal.💥
  11. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    Thanks for the review, Michael. I had not seen it, which reminds me to pay more attention to your excellent blog. My Method transmits it’s action very well, better than the TCX, though that is a good rod. It looks as if I had best not treat myself to a rod for Christmas, and wait until I’ve...
  12. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    There is nothing wrong with your memory! Yes, I still use the SH spey occasionally.
  13. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    FCH, I am afraid that I have not fished the Forres water for a couple of years, but I think we did meet. I like the Association water and have recommended it to several friends. I like Darnaway as well! And Glenkirk, on the right water. It is very kind of you to offer a rod trial and when I...
  14. pond.olive

    Sage Igniter

    I fish a Sage TCX 7126 and a Sage Method 8126 on medium sized Atlantic salmon rivers in the uk. I greatly enjoy being in the river environment and speycasting though I am not often successful in catching. Do I need an Igniter?
  15. pond.olive

    Upper Findhorn, last week of July?

    I have caught at Glenkirk nr Tomatin in June, but as stated, water makes fishing up here a complete lottery. If it rains, you are in!
  16. pond.olive

    Steelhead in UK rivers.

    Speaking purely personally, I would welcome a population of sea run rainbows into the waters I fish, to make up for the shortage of salmon!
  17. pond.olive

    Anyone seen comet neowise?

    First find The Plough, then from its two right hand stars look downwards about halfway to the horizon. I needed binoculars from North Norfolk Coast. I think the comet is moving west a bit each day.
  18. pond.olive


    Is LTS still making its salmon reels ?
  19. pond.olive

    Mature sea trout colour

    Guys, I need some info from more experienced fishers than myself: When a sea Seatrout has been in the river a long time, does it then begin to look like a brownie with spots, or does it do the salmon thing and go red and black? i took a spotty one this morning which was very much bigger than...
  20. pond.olive

    Lamson Radius

    I have a Lamson Radius bought some time ago which is not fitted with a click gadget. I assume it would be of plastic construction, as the larger Lamsons. I am wondering if I might be able to fabricate one if I knew the dimensions. Can someone please photograph one for me, or tell me where one...