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    Loop Q Switch 7wt

    I was wondering what lines are people using on this rod? FS
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    Snowbee switch line 6/7

    The 6/7 snowbee switch lines seem to be sold out. If anyone has one for sale, I would be interested. FS
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    John Norris Ni1

    Does anybody know why they have stopped selling these rods? Any plans to re stock or are they bringing out a new one?
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    Loop Evotec Cast 12'2

    Loop Evotec Cast 12'2 7wt medium fast Unwanted gift Evotec Cast 12'2 7wt medium fast action. Comes finished in a silver grey blank. Great rod for smaller rivers. Rod comes as new with the plastic on the corks and unmarked.
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    River Lyon

    I cant seem to find much information of the River Lyon and if it is worthwhile fishing in spring time. Can anyone shed any light on it please? Thanks FS
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    John Norris Ni1

    Hi Anybody tried out the new Ni1 series from John Norris yet? I notice they have a guideline blank and real Seat so just wondering has anybody tried them? FS
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    Trout reel 2-5wt

    Hi I am looking for a fly reel in the region of 2-5. May consider anything around this size even up to a 5-6. FS
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    Trout rod

    Hi Am in the market for a 10 ft ish 6/7 weight trout rod. I am open to brand and sizes to some extent. Not looking for a superfast action but if you are looking to sell pm me. Thanks FS
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    Hardy Viscount m3 0/1 spool

    Its a long shot but looking for a 10/11 viscount spool colour brown preferably but its not essential. Pm me if you haveany offerings. Cheers FS
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    Trout jungle cock

    Hi I am looking for the small Jungle cock at the bottom of capes for tying trout flies. Most capes are mostly larger nails so i am specifically looking for the extra small stuff. Pm me if you have any and the price. Regards FS
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    Trout rod 10ft 6wt

    Hi All I am looking for a 10ft 6 weight single handed rod and am open to suggestions on make as long as it is sensibly priced. FS
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    Loop fishing gear and poor service

    I recently bought a new Loop opti 3 layer jacket and had it shipped from Canada at considerable expense just because I wanted a loop jacket and most of my gear is loop including some 5 double handers. On its first outing yesterday the flaps to seal the slieves came away from the Velcro, im not...
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    Hardy demon 9000 casettes

    Hi I am looking for a few casettes if anyone has a few for sale. Regards FS
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    New but not so new. Irish man on tour

    Irish man on tour in Peterhead Hello I suppose im technically not a new member as such however I am new to the area. After moving over to Peterhead last year I havnt fished much the past year except on my returns to Ireland. In hindsight I was spoiled back there where the mighty Finn was on my...
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    Rio Scandi Short Versitip

    Rio Scandi Short Versitip 7 WT Hi I am looking for a Rio Scandi Short Versitip 7 wt. If anyone has one or knows somebody who may want to sell please PM me I may also be interested in similar, cheers. Regards FS
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    Airflow turbo heads

    Has anybody tried these lines from airflow? They are selling cheap now on certain sites like glasgow angling. Airflo Turbo Heads – Glasgow Angling Centre
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    Eumer X Small Tubing

    Im finding it very hard to track down Eumer x small tubing does anybody know where I can buy this? It is the only tubing which will fit lakeland smaller size coneheads. Iv tried Veriard liner but its even too big!
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    Loop Adventure 9ft 5wt

    Im looking for a Loop Adventure 9ft 5wt or something fairly similar, well priced
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    Loop Quattro multi tip line

    I am looking for a Loop Quattro multi tip line for a mate, 9/10 the new twin coloured line. If you have any in good condition and reasonably priced pm me please FS
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    Wanted 9/10 multi-tip speyline

    Im looking for a 9/10 multi tip line for a mate it must be in good condition and would like 2/3 tips. FS