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    Tips recommendation for 200 and 250grain skagit head

    Greetings to all. I am going to try fishing with 17FT 200grain (maybe 17FT 250grain) skagit head on my 10FT #4 single handed fly rod converted to double handed. What type of tips do you recommend for this application? I am thinking about Airflo 5FT and 8FT salmon polyleaders or Airflo trout...
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    Redington Predator 1090 or Greys GR80 Salt 1090?

    Hello, I want to buy fast action fly rod for big streamers (20-25cm long) for Hucho and Pike fly fishing. What do you recommend from these two fly rods, please? I will be very grateful for any opinion about these fly rods. Many thanks.
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    Reversed skagit shooting head as WF fly line.

    Hi, could I use reversed RIO iFlight skagit shooting head as WF fly line for overhead casting with DH fly rod, please? Sure, lighter head than head for spey casting.
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    Casting with 25cm streamers, DH or single fly rod?

    Hi, I am going to go to trip for Hucho fly fishing (Danube Salmon). I want to use 25cm streamers as lure. I have two choices: first is overhead casting with 9ft 10wt single fly rod and second is overhead casting with 12ft 8wt double handed fly rod (both with WF fly lines for streamers), I think...
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    Willis Willow fly lines - good or not?

    Hello, do you have experience with Willis Willow sink5 fly line? Do you recommend this fly line or not? Many thanks.
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    Sink tip weight for 380 grains skagit head?

    Hi, what maximum sink tip weight (which is castable) can hold 380 grains skagit shooting head, please? The length of skagit head is 22 foot and it is floating head.
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    Casting intermediate or sinking shooting head vs floating?

    Hi, is it difficult to cast intermediate or sinking DH shooting heads vs floating heads, please? Do you have some tips and tricks to correctly cast this heads, please? Many thanks for any advice.
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    Wychwood Truefly SLA 13ft 8/9 salmon rod

    Does anybody have experience with Wychwood Truefly SLA 13ft 8/9 salmon fly rod, please? What weight of skagit head can handle this fly rod, please?
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    Energy transition form skagit line to custom sink tip

    Hi,could you help me with connection of custom intermediate sink tip to skagit line, please? Will I have a problem with energy transition from skagit line to custom intermediate sink tip, when sink tip is ended with greys braided loop (end of sink tip, which is attached to skagit line)? Please...
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    Line for overhead casting with 12ft 7/8 fly rod

    Hi, please help mi to choose fly line or shooting head for overhead casting with double handed 12ft 7/8 fly rod. Mainly for streamers up to 5-7cm long. I will prefer floating or slow intermediate fly line or head. Many thanks.
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    Guideline power taper scandi F/H/I - polyleader or not?

    Is here anybody who use this shooting head? Do you use tapered polyleaders or only mono tippet with this head? Many thanks.
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    Swinging nymphs with double handed fly rod

    Hi, is here anybody who use technique of swinging nymphs with short double handed 11ft - 12ft fly rod? I want to try this technique. Please, could you write me some tips and tricks? Many thanks.
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    Spey casting with streamers on 12ft 7/8 fly rod

    Hi for all. How big streamers could I be able to spey cast with 12ft 7/8 fly rod and skagit head, please?