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    Loop Q Switch 7wt

    Hi, I have the 4 weight and use OPST heads. Also use the Wulff Ambush (not the short) in 6 weight (they are single hand weighted). I would suggest the Wulff Ambush 9 weight at around 350grains would work very well. I like the rod, great value.
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    Loop Q-

    I still have the Loop adventure but it’s about 4nches shorter these days. Good back up rod. I bought the switch rQ in the 4 weight and have to say I’m very pleased and impressed with the action and capability as a sea trout rod. Very light and easy to cast single hand but can really power up...
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    Rio single handed Spey line

    Tried the 3D and didn’t like it. The change in density sees the line very stiff once clear of the floating section. Didn’t cast well. The floater is an excellent line.
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    Six Nations 2020.

    Not sure I Agee folks, I wouldn’t play Russel again. Any player thinks he’s bigger than the team is not worth having besides he’s so hot and cold. The odd brilliant snip is generally offset by poor play giving games away. I thought young Hastings was far more consistent and actually better each...
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    Most robust Breathable waders?

    I too lament the demise of my old Sciera Waders. Many failures and pounds lost since but bought Orvis Clearwater’s last year. Very affordable and so far really good. Comfortable and feel so light in comparison to older styles. I got mine from Mortimers of Grantown on Spey when passing through...
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    Fluro carbon.

    I only use Berkeley Trilene Flurocarbon, it’s not as thin as others but less brittle so tends to not break like the more expensive thinner versions. Double surgeon every time for me for a dropper
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    Loop cross 12ft 2 6# 6piece

    A Rio Scandinavia short in 330 grain is perfect and can add shorter poly tips if you like. For a Shorter line a Wulff Ambush 9weight (single hand ratings) would work well and is integrated with running line. OPST at 350 or 375 grains for skagit work.
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    A bit late coming to this but the river is my local. The lower estuary beats are part of Lochgilphead and District Angling club. Membership is a very affordable £80 per year and gives access to the Add and 15 hill lochs for trout fishing that feed water to the Crinan Canal. NO Salmon fishing...
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    Overhead casting

    There is a very good instructional clip by Andrew Moy on OH casting with a DH rod. He’s using a Beulah surf rod which are very popular in the states for surf fishing. Beulah Seram lines are designed for this type of casting however given the sink rate your using a good full sink head with...
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    Overhead casting

    Nothing wrong with OH casting especially if your limited to no wading its technique you need to sort and in my mind that’s not the best line set up. I use a DH or Switch rod a lot for coastal fishing from beach or off the rocks and use a Wulff Ambush TT line with poly tips and only a short...
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    River Dee casting

    Cheers for putting that right on location. It was definitely an enjoyable day
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    River Dee casting

    Well I finally thought it was time to treat myself to a short tuition to polish my Spey casting up so booked a half day session with All and Will Peake up at Twin Peaks fishing. The guys started up a shop and freelance work on their own about a week before lockdown and have thankfully survived...
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    loop 7x

    I was lucky enough to be given one last year, a 9ft6 5 weight single hand rod. I would never have paid nearly £900 quid for a rod but having said that the rod is first class. Well made, top end fittings and that spine set up seems to really work. Might sound bonkers but I use this instead of my...
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    Broken rod tips

    Contact Daiwa. There in Scotland and I had broken a tip section on a Signature series 7# Spey rod long discontinued but they replaced it and free of charge. I would reckon they would be a good starting point.
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    Simms Guide G3 Boots UK 9 - SOLD

    Do you still have these ?
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    Loop Evotec Cast 13ft 2inch 8#

    I have decided to sell my Loop Evotec Cast 8# Fast action rod 4 piece. Lovely rod but have only used it half a dozen times. Like new condition if anyone is interested. Cheers
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    New member

    Hi All, I’ve been following various posts over time and thought I’d become a member at last. I actually fish for Sea Trout more than I do Salmon but enjoy the days on Salmon when I get the chance. I’m based in Argyll and the local club has the Add which in my view is dropping numbers of...