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    Kipper bashers

    Off for two weeks middle of October might as well fill the box up with some kipper bashers . Here’s the first 2
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    Wow 😮 !!!

    Hope this is no a typo !!!! Come on tweed guys let’s see it !
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    Wee legend !!!

    Well it’s getting to that time of year nothing really fresh but a good week !!! Best part about this summer has been watching the wee boy progress and trying hard but most of all absolutely loving fishing and the great outdoors . Rather than handing him the rod with a fish on he’s finally done...
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    Few stoat variants

    Few different mash ups in a stoat style this morning on magni 10s think the Tay raider colours could be my new fav fly !!!
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    TOTM inspiration

    When I seen this one from Sedgy on tie on the month I knew I needed some in my box no quite as small 10s n 12s being tied up will be first fly on tomorrow night to try and get my first sea trout in the dark !!!!
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    Wee 14 working this week

    This ones doing no too bad this week 14 ahrex 428s hooked 9 landed 3 and umpteen brown trout. Hover tip and 10ft tapered leader nearly swapped it for the tie of the month but it’s 4mm toooooo long 🤣🤣🤣
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    Next cast !

    Thought I would tie up a couple with my next day out in mind. This will be the dream team 🤞
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    Low warm water !

    Found this in the river on Saturday sad to see . No visible damage or hook in mouth high twenties possible thirty . Seem to be a lot of reports on different rivers this year with disease .
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    Some shrimps

    Few different colour combos today following my tie of the month entry as just liked the look of them and kept tying the same style when the going was good size 12 trebles n a wee 20mm tube
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    Few more ST

    Few more for my first nights sea trout hunting tomorrow 🤞 just need some black n silver tubes and miby a surface lure or 2 🤔 looking forward to it !
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    Sea trout

    Have caught a fair few sea trout when salmon fishing but never actually tried to target sea trout so with the water being low and the nights starting to heat up tied these up the day to give a go next week 🤞one of these will work
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    Some summer wee ones

    Practicing the wee ones some for the summer wee tubes and droppers
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    Just a stoat ! Liking seeing slaneysider salmon in pictures so tried tying on a single sometimes you forget that the flies don’t need to be so complicated to still catch the fish
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    Flamethrower shrimp pig

    Tried using bristles and polar bear in a flamethrower style to add something a wee bit different in my box Orange , yellow , black , copper ,gold can’t really go wrong with that colour combo
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    Ness c shrimps

    Colourful wee beasties these. Never used this pattern but seen it and liked it so tied a few variants up To try . In the box with the rest of the shrimp flees . Sure they probably all look the same to the salmon But this one does seem to glow when in the hand
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    Few cascades

    Tied up a few cascades last night as this cascade tie of the month wee bit different with the uv flash reminded me of the pert shrimp just a bit heavier dressed with 2 hackles and a wing cascade
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    Box fillers

    You just can’t have enough of these in your box . Best way to get rid of the boredom and be productive. More ghillies
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    Some favourites !!

    Tied a plateful of these up this morning after breakfast. Some favourites for next month as the water heats up and back on dressed hooks
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    Rod line combo

    Looking for a new spring fishing set up . With demos out of the picture with the current situation was wondering what’s your go to rod n line combos for casting those heavier lines and big flies .
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    What hooks ?

    Usually always use loop doubles but as I’ve tied all these scandi patterns up on medium frodin tubing the loop doubles are a bit big and bulky too tight a fit for inserting in to the tubing. It’s difficult to see online with pictures as can’t get into a shop . Any advice would be welcome before...