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    Which hook suits best.

    Which hook choice are 3/0 1/0 or size 6 treble
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    French navy helping economic migrants

    French navy seen escorting economic migrant boats in to UK waters, We have payed the french millions to try to stop these boats and all along they are helping them over, Its about time the uk government stopped paying anything to the E.U till this disgrace is stopped. Any migrants that make it...
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    corona virus vacine

    If it was announced they had a corona virus vaccine, would you take it.
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    how many uk salmon do you think you need under your belt to say you have served your salmon fishing apprenticeship.
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    artificial silicon shrimps

    can anyone tell me if I were to fish an artificial realistic looking silicon shrimp beneath a float before june 16th would it legally fall into artificial lure category of the legislation for fly and artificial lure bylaw for England. not interested in any moral answers only the law, thanks in...