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    Tie of the Month October: 'Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long Leggedy Beasties'

    Well there could only be one fly for me in ghousties n ghoulies . I’m sure we’ve all got one of these I call this one the mother in law . My take on the frodin witch silver TTT no body Lime green inner tube Hot green angel HD Lime green polar bear Hot green angel hair Lime green black tip fox...
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    Tie of the Month October: 'Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long Leggedy Beasties'

    Winner !!! You’ve got my vote already
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    Kipper bashers

    Hallelujah some rain !!!! Better add some cones !!!
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    Kipper bashers

    Can’t fish the upper tweed in October without some IBS !
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    Garry Waddington

    Will be trying to tie some of them for next spring on the tummel !!!! Superb. Quite similar to the tummel shrimp
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    Big Sea Trout

    That’s the story’s !!! Superb what a fish
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    Big Sea Trout

    Only tried sea trout fishing at night for the first time this season miby 8/10 attempts for 0 sea trout and a few 3lb + brown trout one at 5lb. I had about 12/14 first light and dusk but sadly not managed my first one in the dark yet . My beast sea trout was off the tweed in October during the...
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    Kipper bashers

    And another ! If I manage 1 or 2 a night am doing no bad . Think this ones my fav so far
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    Kipper bashers

    Funky park
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    Kipper bashers

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    Kipper bashers

    Off for two weeks middle of October might as well fill the box up with some kipper bashers . Here’s the first 2
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    Is junglecock important?

    It must be !!! Anything that’s costs that much money should be important……….but no 🤣🤣🤣 don’t think the fish know any different it just looks nice
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    Wow 😮 !!!

    A well it was a typo. …… still get excited when you see these fish might still exist . Sure there will be 1 or 2 big backend fish caught
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    Wow 😮 !!!

    Hope this is no a typo !!!! Come on tweed guys let’s see it !
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    Name the UK rivers that you have caught a salmon from....(this is not a who's got the biggest ego competition)....just an interesting one

    Tay Tummel Garry Dochart Earn Awe Annan Tieth Forth Wick Halladale Clyde Tweed Never wet a line in the Dee or Spey stayed in Aberdeen and aviemore a few times for work but never fished did used to like passing the time watching the salmon at falls of feugh when in Aberdeen here’s a few pics ...
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    Will be tying some blue rats for the box 👍. Really nice
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    Ordering from EU

    Same here !!! Last year ordered a lot of frodin fly tying gear no problem. Few weeks ago ordered £80 of stuff just cause was bored and button bashing on the internet and cost me £60 charges Never again 😡😡😡
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    POLL: Tie of the Month September 2021: 'Back to Basics'

    Wasn’t 100% on what was allowed and what wasn’t 🤣 so kept it black n silver . It’s hard enough for me trying to tie a fly but when the first 3 attempts kept breaking the thread and floss due to hands as ruff as a badgers arse I gave up and waited a week . Hook 10 silver partridge Medium...
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    POLL: Tie of the Month August 2021: 'The Far Side'

    Spectrum shrimp and Sedgy for great tying and flies I would actually fish turning classic patterns into Spey types . And Ryan Houstons fly would have got my single vote for just absolute awesomeness!!!!! Don’t think I could get something like that wet.
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    GBWG Waddington

    Really nice !!! Tried an intruder type myself when you posted your sea trout intruder earlier in the year was wondering when fixing the hook like this is there any need for the back of the waddy if it’s not holding the hook . Would it be worth cutting it off with wire cutters. Or would this...