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  1. meyre

    Salmon Farms for Murmansk

    Other Media | SalmonBusiness: Russia to invest in the Arctic and will provide government aid for salmon brood facility RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tuesday, February 02, 2021 Investment planned in Murmansk region. In a press release on Monday, Russia Prime Minister Mikhail Misjustin has signed a...
  2. meyre

    Fly line colour - should they all be dark?

    A Kiwi on seeing my Carron Jetstream staggered - too orange ! Then collapsed when shown an ivory/white Rio Longcast. In NZ those would send fish back to sea or cause them to scatter at least. Even over broken , turbid water they spook fish, before one smacks them onto the surface. ''Bin 'em or...
  3. meyre

    Boris backs trees - really?

    Radio 5 live this am has Mr Johnston wisely suggesting the way to stop flooding is to keep the water in the hills...with trees...Has sensible thinking broken out?
  4. meyre

    Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) gets FOS cert.......Sticking Plaster or cure?

    UK salmon farmer the Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) has been awarded Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification. The endorsement is widely recognized across international markets, with stringent controls over environmental, economic and social responsibility, said SSC. With 60 sites across the west...
  5. meyre

    Rio 'in Touch' Long head Spey - your views

    Now to-day is my birthday and a loving relative has delivered a Rio Long Head Spey 10/11! I will be using this on a Sage Axis 16 ' #10......but would love to know if any have used it and how it compares to much loved Arrowhead ? All views and advice very welcome>
  6. meyre

    Advice Pls. Mach 2 Plus wf10 on a 16'Sage

    I need help... I am going to fish Lwr Spey in July. I have a SA Mastery 1011 loaded with a Mach 2 Plus wf 10 floater. Can anyone advise if this will work with a Sage tcx 16'? Or would an old and trusty SA airflo DT11 be better ?