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    Rapala knot

    I asked the question in another thread but was swallowed up by a heated debate off topic which often happens. Does anyone notice a difference after switching to a rapala knot on conventional flies. i.e more success, less tangles, more tangles etc ?
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    Badger cape

    Please can any of you guys point me in the right direction where to buy a decent black/white badger cape. There are a lot of sites out of stock, maybe with all the lockdown tying. Thanks in advance
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    late springer

    After all the "greetin" about lockdown, and "hating Nicola Sturgeon" and England is fishing and why are we not. Has anybody been lucky enough to get a cast and connect with something yet ?
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    John Norris N1 12ft

    Has anyone bought/tried/tested one of these rods. What would be the best weight/grms line for the 7/8# 12ft rod Thanks in advance
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    Packham v Beavers ?

    Chris Packham is now wanting to plant 100k trees, yet we introduce a creature that cuts them down on a daily basis. We managed for hundreds of years without Beavers yet a minority of people thought it would be a good idea to re introduce them. I'm not wanting to start a scientific v common...
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    salmon eye opener

    if you are wanting to watch a really interesting topical fish farm v wild fish facts, it is actually unbelievable what they are trying to hide. take time to watch it. Type in "Salmon Confidential" on you tube
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    River Ericht

    Saw in Januarys Trout and Salmon that the Ericht was up for sale. Has anyone any idea if it has been sold or will the Blairgowrie club be selling tickets this season
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    peaty water fly choice

    Was having a last cast of season yesterday in a rather swollen peat stained river and went through my flybox as usual to no avail. I started tying different coloured flies on just to see what showed up best in the water. Gold and Orange seemed to show up the best but was observing the leaves...
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    Vice advice

    Sorry for ploughing over old ground but would appreciate an up to date vote for what you top tiers would choose between a Renzetti traveller saltwater and an Anvil Atlas.
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    Hi, I have booked a week on this beat on the River Deveron in July and wondered if any forum members could advise me on pools, rods , flies etc.for this time of year .Is it any good for night time sea trout fishing ? I have never fished the Deveron before so any information would be very much...
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    turbo discs question

    I like probably hundreds of other salmon anglers and flytiers was lured in to the turbo disc spell. I have tied some up, watched Mr Frodins new DVD and recently on a weeks fishing trip to the Dee even tried them out. I must admit they look great in the water but have yet to hook a fish on them...
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    sea trout info required

    Having a week on Waterside in mid July and was wondering the prospects of night fishing for sea trout. Any info on pools, flies, lines would be welcome
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    seatrout in the salt

    Has anyone tried flyfishing for sea trout in salt water in the Fife area.