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    When should you fish a sink tip for salmon

    I've fished the full year with only a 10 ft leader on small spate river When should I put a sink tip on is it needed or is a full floating line and a fly ok hight is 0.3 to 0.6 running water thanks in advance
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    Kynoch killer lure can it be fished from the bank

    I have fished these from boats can they be fished in a river from the bank say standing at the top of a run and just holding in the fast running water to make it sink down a bit cant see any info on this thanks
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    Yards of line how many

    On average how much years of line should I put on a normal sized spinning reel for salmon I put 110 yard spool on but not sure that's enough just for small spate rivers
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    Royalty salmon bait spin 12 ft

    Is that to big for a worming rod or is it OK (spate rivers)
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    Need rain

    River is down to the bare bones and goosanders are working the pools be the same on most rivers I'd presume badly need a bit of rain.
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    Shakespeare orical salmon fly reel 8/9

    I bought a line airflo wf 8/9 spew switch as seen in pics it won't fit on my reel I have that is a snowbee xsd 780 so need a new reel will this line fit on the one as listed above thanks in advance
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    Fly fishing with the with the wrong line weight

    Probably a stupid question but can I fish a 7 weight line and shooting head on a 8 9 weight rod or will it affect my fishing badly
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    Gillie tips

    Fishing with a gillie for first time soon what is a acceptable tip it is just 1 days fishing on the tay thanks in advance
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    Anyone still fish salmon single flys

    I have salmon singles for years in my bag only ever fish doubbles or tubes going to try the singles this year see how I do
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    Abu garcia pro max question

    My dad got me 1 in October not been able to return due to lockdowns it is a right hand reel can this be changed to a left hand reel or am I best to return and swap
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    Waterfalls where salmon leap near cargill tay

    Anyone know of any close by where fosh may be going over up on holiday and looking for a wee walk or something to do thanks in advance
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    Fishing with Mackerel in rivers for sea trout or brown trout

    anyone ever tried this in fresh water say a good few miles up river any success
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    Affordable fiahing near cargill tay

    going here for a week but not payinh 300 quid for a days fishing any good options close by even trout fishing is fine if allowed on the tay
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    Airflo rage compact

    bought this yesterday is the line long enough to just put on spool with backing or do I need to add another fly line behind it thanks in advance
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    Fisb that frustrate you

    been trying for over a week to catch a salmon its sitting in a deep hole close to a log that has washed down i hav tried every spinner in my box twice over the fly and the worm thing won't hit me but does have the audacity to jump and let me know its still thair lol had a couple of sea...
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    Swivels with clips for rapala lure

    looking for quick change swivels with clips for fast lure changes that are strong enough for salmon fishing ma old man struggling with the rapala knot due to shaky hands and bad eye sight any help appreciated
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    Dawia carbon c98 12 to 13 ft id say 8/9 #

    found 1 of these up the old man's loft he never fly fished can only presume was from a boot sale good condition but I presume a older rod any good
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    advice on tube fly casting

    fishing a small spate river quite over grown so use the roll cast im fishing a 11ft 7 wt rod full float line 9ft leader and a tube fly. Line seems to hit the water before the fly which is in air for a few more seconds and takes time to straightn out to get the fly fishing just doesn't look...
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    What is this and what for

    found on my walk never seen such a thing
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    Flying c bullets

    anyone got any recommendations for good quality flying c bullets I think the normal flying c is to big for summer salmon on small spate river