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    Airflow rage 450 grain

    Looking for a floating rage in 450 grain if anyone has one they want to sell.
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    Braided monofilament line

    Anyone know where I might be able to buy a spool of 50lb braided mono for making loops on damaged fly lines or homemade tips?
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    Airflo FIST or Rio gamechanger

    Anyone have either of the above lines around the 700 grain weight they would consider selling?
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    Guideline Triple Density float, hover, sink 4

    Just wondering if anyone has the above line in a 10/11 rating they would be willing to sell?
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    LTS triple density Sink 1 3 5, 10/11

    Swap this LTS triple density sinking line in 10/11 for a similar quality footing shooting head in 10/11. Great line for most Dee beats with 2' or more on the gauge. Used twice.
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    14' lpxe

    I have two Guideline LPXE 14' rods, one in excellent condition, virtually unused, the other used but good condition. Anyone fancy swapping either of these for a 15' Vision Tool or Vision Catapult in similar condition? i would also consider 13'.
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    Airflow Rage or similar short scandi

    Looking for an Airflo Rage or similar short scandi type line of around 540 to 600 grains to suit an 8/9 AFTM rod. Please drop me a PM with anything you have of interest, thanks.
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    Mckenzie DTX 44 gram Float/Int

    Mckenzie DTX 44 gram Float/Int Shooting head Mckenzie shooting head, floater with intermediate tip. Great backend line, only used 6 times, so perfect condition. £25.00
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    T18 or T12 for making leaders

    Just wondering if anyone has any idea where you can buy lengths of level tungsten leader as I want to have a go at making my own poly leaders in various lengths. I seem to remember someone on here selling it but a search of the forum doesn't throw up anything.
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    System 2 12/13 spare spools

    2 x spare spools for system 2, size 12/13, £30 or may swap for rio shooting head, 10/11. Please PM if interested.
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    44 g Mackenzie head for Rio Scandi

    Anyone fancy swopping my 44 g Mackenzie DTX float/int tip in perfect condition for a similar weight Rio Scandi? Please drop me a PM.
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    Rio afs 9/10

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has a Rio AFS in 9/10 in good condition that they would be willing to part with. Please drop me a PM if you have.
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    Rio gripshooter

    Anyone got a rio gripshooter that they don't get on with and would like to sell or swap for some good flies or devon minnows.
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    14' Guideline LPXE

    Anyone fancy swapping my 14' LPXE for either a 15' LPXE or a similar actioned rod, perhaps a vision catapult? Drop me a PM, thanks.
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    Adcock Stanton Centreline

    Adcock Stanton Centrepin Just wondering if anyone had an Adcock Stanton centrepin fishing reel that they fancied parting with. I fancy a go at trying trotting for grayling and was recommended this reel.
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    RIO Floating Shooting head with Integrated Intermediate Tip. 9/10

    Nice backend line with very little use, doesn't suit my rod though. £25 posted. Please PM if interested.
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    System 2, 12/13 spools

    2 x System 2 spools for a 12/13 in good condition. £20 ONO pounds each.
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    System 2, 12/13 spools

    2 x System 2 spools for a 12/13 in good condition. £20 pounds each.
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    Rio Hover for clear intermediate

    Rio AFS hover (glacial green colour)in a 10/11 used three times max, swop for an AFS clear intermediate in either 9/10 or 10/11.
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    Rio clear intermediate AFS

    Looking for a Rio clear intermediate in either 8/9 or 9/10 if anyone has one that they don't use. Please PM if you have one that you don't use.