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  1. Dryfly

    Abel Custom Reel

    Abel 4N salmon fly reel in mint condition. Custom finish in green and red with golden brass foot, rear plate and drag adjuster. In immaculate, unmarked original pouch and box. £600
  2. Dryfly

    Morner salmon reel

    Now sold. Rare salmon reel that is a multiplier, anti reverse and which has a unique drag adjustment. In good original condition. This is one of the original Swedish retailed versions. Not the Orvis rebrand. There are lots of pictures and detailed information about the model here The Morner...
  3. Dryfly

    Water temperature on Dee

    Doing a flying visit to the Dee next week. What’s the water temp up there like? I’m thinking of what lines and flies to pack (we’re using full floating lines and size 10 down here still. A balmy 19 degrees on the bank today.)
  4. Dryfly

    Low light clear water

    What's your favourite low light/gloomy very clear water fly?
  5. Dryfly

    Book hunt

    When I was a little chap reading was a terrible struggle. I'm dyslexic which as everyone now knows is snowflake speak for lazy and stupid (well, that's what my teachers said anyway). I hated reading knowing I was stupid. But, mum and dad knew if they brought me books about fishing I'd devour...
  6. Dryfly

    Reel drag slipping

    I’ve a 10 to 15 year old pflugger reel 9# Been superb but the drag has started playing up. It works fine and dandy for a while then just stops and the spool runs almost free like a trotting reel. Then , I t’s fine again for a bit etc Not great. Especially if a fish takes and it over runs and at...
  7. Dryfly

    Line to suit Zenith 12" 6'

    Rated a 7# is this stick similar to the other double handers in the range going better with a line one up?
  8. Dryfly

    New Magazine in September

    Fly Culture, a new quarterly magazine on fly fishing is being launched next month. Excellent to see a new entrant to the market. Here's hoping its a good read, interesting, challenging and well produced. About Fly Culture - Fly Culture Magazine There's a launch event at Farlows 13 Sept.
  9. Dryfly

    The price is right?

    The drought persists in the south. The rivers I fish are at an all time record low and there is only a shower or two scheduled for the next two weeks. So, its time to book a few days to scratch the itch. I thought a few days in Scotland late September. Started looking at prices and now...
  10. Dryfly

    Camp Onka

    Anyone fished here? Any good? Good fly water, numbers of fish, accommodation, guides etc etc? Thanks
  11. Dryfly

    New cork handle

    I’m after a new cork handle on one of my 13” 6’ DH rods. Any idea how much I might expect to pay? Any suggests re who might be able to do a really top notch job with flor grade cork? I’ve approached Hardy, the rod manufactures, but would be interested in other options - I imagine Hardy will not...
  12. Dryfly

    Overseas trip ideas please

    I'm thinking about a new trip next year. There is a great big world out there and it is too easy to get hooked on one place and not to have new adventures. I'm interested in cold water fishing - Atlantic, kings, silvers, steelhead and sea trout are all on my radar. Some places are bonkers...
  13. Dryfly

    NRX 15 ft 10/11# 4 peice

    Hi, The above for sale. I'm after £500. Pictures below.
  14. Dryfly

    Diver Dave Does it Again

    My brand new seam sealed pressure tested waterproof Vision Ikons arrived from Diver Dave this morining. Great service. Efficient, quick and easy to deal with. Not even a GDPR email in sight. Not only can I have total confidence of dry pants (unless I hook a 30 lber and pee myself) but they...
  15. Dryfly

    Been tying

    Been getting boxes ready for fishing where warm reds, oranges and greens are favoured
  16. Dryfly

    Guess the weight

    A terrible shot from an awful video. The boots are size 11 and the picture taken by a 5'10" person standing upright holding the camera to their eyes to see. The fish is resting in the water on the gravel Whats it weigh?
  17. Dryfly

    Varzuga blog wakes

    Those who fish Varzuga and Kitza may like to know this seasons daily blog has started Roxtons' Varzuga Blog
  18. Dryfly

    sticky vice

    Ive a Barracuda vice, around 7000 flies tied on it. First time I've tied for a while and the cam isn't releasing the jaws. Pop a hook in, close it shut, tie a fly. All good. Then I release the pressure on the jaws pulling the cam lever down but... here's the but... the jaws do not open up. I...
  19. Dryfly

    Gone and done it

    Yesterday five years of hard work came to a head. I sat down in a room with three academics to be quizzed about my research and thesis. I've done a few things in the past that have got the nerves up a tad. Sung solos in Ely cathedral on Easter Sunday as a kid, spoken to thousands of people at an...
  20. Dryfly

    Any ideas - Rio Clouser line

    I picked up a brand new, never user, in box Able custom art work salmon reel for a steel (compared to the mad 1K RRP). There's a Rio 12# clouser line with it. Brand new too. Anyone used one of these? Any idea what grains it would be, how they cast etc? It has the look of a cross between an AFS...